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The Good & True ...issue# 26...September, 1999

Warren Abbott

The President's Message

Greetings to my fellow Georgians, our families, friends and supporters. Here's hoping that this newsletter will find you and yours in good health and spirits.

Yes! We are rushing back to print with this newsletter, to bring you all up to date on the five major activities for the year. The Mass and Communion Breakfast on March 7, Family Dinner June 12, Soccer Day June 27, Byron Lee Fund-raiser July 30, and Family Picnic on Aug.15. All are featured in this issue. Those who participated: and some did in all our activities, can sit back; read about them, and remember and savor in tranquillity the pleasurable moments. Those who didn't will have the opportunity to participate vicariously in these treasured events and perhaps plan which ones to join in next year.

Outside of those happenings, there were also other activities that were spearheaded by the Regional Vice Presidents to focus in on more local interests in their areas of operation. Don Barnett VP West wrote about some of his in the January issue, and in this issue you can check-out the report from Stanley Chin, VP Central. There are domino sessions, weekly Friday golf, and we hope to add other activities as we respond to your needs, from this closer vantage point. This was the whole idea behind the regional appointments and hopefully we can get out and running on the vacant East portfolio. Any volunteers? Don't be shy, your help will really be appreciated. Pat Ferguson, as membership director is doing a great job coordinating the three posts, including taking up the slack on the vacant position. Indeed Uncle P jumps in whenever and wherever needed, and the entire executive shared in his joy on being specially honored at the Family Dinner.

Skedron (sitting left) was in his seventh heaven going over his St. G. C. memorabilia album with Pr. Ryan, surrounded by (clockwise) Michael (Buskie) Charley, Francis Cooke, Robbie Vernon, Ray Chang, Stanley Chin and Claudette Lee.

When I look back at the slate of activities and the accomplishments for the year, I do not rue spending time in my message to say a special thanks as well to all our executive for jobs so well done. Therefore thank you, Thank you so much Robbie, Lloydie, DonB, Buskie, Neil, Pat G, Stanley, and Ray. Words alone cannot fully express my full appreciation, but I do hope that you all understand what your involvement means to me personally and overall, to the school and the association. Ray again led us through our biggest undertaking, the Byron Lee fund-raiser and also entertained as his house guest Fr. Ryan. We had a good time with Elsie and Ray in their lovely home on the Sunday June 13th get-together for Fr. Ryan. Skedron was in his seventh heaven there, going over his St.G.C. memorabilia album with Fr. Ryan, surrounded by equally enthralled fellow Georgians. It never ceases to arnaze me how the Sked can remember all of those little details of who did what, when, where and how.

Back To the Future: Robbie Vernon called me in March, after telephone conversations with Father Quinlan and a bed-ridden Father Riel at Campion House in Weston, Mass. (Boston area), recommending an excursion to the Jesuit retirement home to hold a function in honor of all the remaining priests there. This would be an acknowledgment in going forward of the contributions of the past; a thank you for what they had done for us over the years. Many of the residents were in the evening and twilight years of their lives. The time was now. The sooner the better. There was no turning back as the entire executive was in agreement and Neil jumped quickly into planning gear, and has been liaising with Fr's Hosie and Quinlan, who are busy paving the way for us up there. There will be more than forty faces anxiously awaiting the arrival of that bus, which leaves on the 22nd of October at 9:00 a.m. If you want to be in on this one, call Neil Dalhouse now at (416) 304-1882 or email him at (see Neil's article in this issue on the trip and the list of priests awaiting us).

Father Ted Dziak, S.J., the new President of St George's has contacted us with his personal thanks for the shipment of computers, furnishings and library books that we had sent to the school. He also gave us an update on some of the things he hopes to accomplish going forward. He is looking at hiring soon a Director of Development. This position will entail several things, among them:
a) trying to build a closer relationship between the school and alumni (he is working on an updated and computerized database).
b) publishing a semi-annual newsletter from the school to ~ alumni, parents, and friends (hopefully with info from us as well).
c) publishing a calendar of the 150th activities. The year 2000 is very special for us too and a lot of activities are planned. Well hear more about that later.
d) for the 150th, they are planning a big fundraising drive to renovate the O'Hare building and also to increase the number of computers on campus. In all these endeavors we intend to help where we can and hence the importance of our fundraising activities. In this connection we have explored and are able to forward tax deductible donations to StGC through the Jesuits of Canada. We expect that this will be an exciting and attractive opportunity to individual sponsors (corporate and other wise), as we have seen how other alumni associations in Toronto have been able to attract sizable donations for their alma mater with this incentive.

In closing, please know that we would not be where we are today, nor would we have been able to support the school, as we have, without the support of you the membership. Please keep it up. If I have forgotten to thank or give due credit to anyone, please accept my humble apologies. We move on as Ronald Reagan, former president of The United States once said, conscious that "Our potential is limitless if we do not care who receives the credit".

Warren Abbott


with Warren

From the words of Emily Matthews - Rest in the assurance God will never let you go, And follow where His gentle hand may lead, For He's promised to provide for you in facing every challenge, And supply you strength to meet your every need.

CONDOLENCES.. .in your prayers, please continue to remember the families and friends who have lost loved ones over the years.

OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS are always with those Old Boys, friends and families who are not well or are recovering from illnesses.. .we wish Diana Rickards a speedy recovery from her recent surgery; we are glad to hear that Anthony "Chipse" Yee is up and about after recent surgery. Dem say di bwoy "trong like lion!"

SCHOLARSHIP GRANT - please note that the deadline each year for submitting applications for our annual grant is June 1St. All children of "dues paying" Old Boys in the Ontario Chapter, who will be or are currently attending college/university, are eligible. To apply, you are required to submit a profile of yourself, which should include details on the choice of your studies, why you chose that field and the college/university where you are, or hope to be attending. In addition, the successful candidate will have provided an overview of his/her successes and accomplishments and expressed their own reasoning behind why he or she should be the recipient of this grant. The grant is currently $1,000.00 and the winner will be announced at our next Annual Family Dinner.

CONGRATULATIONS. Joe & Helen Henriques on the birth of their first grandchild, a boy, Bryce (congrats to the parents as well, since they did participate somewhat). A hear Joe can't 'top smile!

LOOKING FOR YOU - Glen Tai, Tony TaiSue, Carlton Taylor, Michael Taylor, Gary Thompson, Bert Townshend, Robert Von der Porten, Hector Waldron, O'neil Wiggans, Edwin Williams, Mervin Williams, Robert Williamson, Gary Wong, Johnny Wong, Joseph Wong, Jules Wong, Michael Wong, Orville Wong, Patrick Wong, Paul Wong, Richard Wong, Wilbert Wong, Michael Wright, Winston Wynter, Cecil Yap, David Yap, Donovan Yap, Ivanhoe Yee, Clayton Young. The above names are in our lost and yet to find column, give us a call or drop a line if you have a current address, phone number, or e-mail. Look for more names next issue.

AS ALWAYS, but with "whole heapa" enthusiasm... I want to give special thanks to Greg Chin for maintaining his "Yardie" web page through which Georgians worldwide can keep informed and in touch. JaWeb can be found at and you will not be sorry that you took the time to look. Greg has also done a fantastic job on producing a CD that concentrates on StGC 1962 which was the first year that the Lance was published. Most Georgians who graduated between 1958-1968 are featured in it. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, let us know.

Letters to the Editor or articles for Bits & Pieces, can be forwarded to Warren at 1621 Belinda Court, Pickering, Ontario LIV 3T4 or sent by email to For details on advertising in our newsletter, contact any member of the executive.

Annual Family Dinner

Robbie Vernon

Saturday June 12 1999
The venue was our home away from home, the St. Thomas the Apostle church hall at 14 Highgate Drive and as I stood at the entrance to the hall on Saturday, June 12, with Buskie Charley and Ray Chang checking in the attendees, nearly two hundred of them, what a sigh of relief as the scene unfolded. This was our best attendance in years and particularly pleasing was the turn out of the younger set.

The hall was beautifully decorated, thanks to Stanley and Jeanette Chin.

Our blue and white colors were everywhere in the form of balloons, buntings and in delicate carnations adorning all tables, compliments of Joe Henriques from the Brampton Flower Shop.

Ray Chang introduces Fr. Ryan. Head table:Jennifer Barnett, Don Barnett, Laurie & Warren Abbott.

Grace was said by our visiting Jesuit and main speaker Fr. Ryan and the quotations from Pope John Paul 11 on the reverse of the program summed up my own feelings and the importance of this annual event on our Toronto chapter's calendar. I quote "A Family is a community of love and life. The children express in a concrete way that love promised on the altar. A family, and a home, these wonderful words evoke a sense of safety and intimacy. These profound meanings must be nourished and protected."

After the Toast to Jamaica and Canada by our Master of Ceremonies and president Warren Abbott, our guest speaker, Fr. Ryan was given a well orated and humorous introduction by Ray Chang, who gave Father a synopsis of the candid reaction and remembrance flashes of the executive when it was confirmed who was coming.

Fr. Ryan himself delivered a moving address with reflections, deep insights into the characters and true worth and contributions made by the various Jesuits, particularly the Jamaicans with whom he had been associated during his long stay on the island. Here we were seeing through his eyes Fathers Cruchley, Campbell, Ferris, Sydney and Douglas Judah, and as the talk unfolded on them we were being made aware as well of his own warm and human personality and deep religiosity. What a mark these Jesuits made on us at St. George's too.

We learned of his ministry in Brown's Town as pastor of the Catholic Church there, his friendship with his next door neighbor, a Rasta man running a car repair shop, and going by the name of ...yes! , you guessed it right "Tire". Story after story unfolded with lots of humor on the top in keeping with the occasion, but below this layer always a more serious level with clear messages for those who wished to pick them up. Those who weren't there have missed out on a wonderful occasion. Entertainment was provided by Break-Dancers Matthew & Friends and this went down well with the audience.

The other highlight of the evening was the presentation of the one thousand- dollar scholarship award to Jeff Dalhouse, the selected winner by a panel of judges consisting of Dr. Louis Lee, Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong and Keith Lowe Ph.D., distinguished old boys. Dr. Louis Lee made the presentation address and Jeff thanked the association and complimented it on its contribution to the school in Jamaica and the old boys and their families in Toronto.

The crowd, young and old, lingered on after the meal to chat, resume acquaintances and make new friends. This was true particularly of the younger ones, some of whom met each other for the first time in the separate "Activities Room" set aside with video games etc..

This was indeed "A Night To Remember."

Message to the Central Ontario Region Membership.

From Stanley Chin
- Vice President, Planning & Telephone committee.

Joe Burrell, Fen Chang, Clifton Chin, Pat Garel, Alex Ho Shue, Patrick Lee, Joe Richard, Patrick Smith (Skedron), Errol Williams. Greetings and God's blessing on you all.

Our aim is to make this region a powerful and dynamic membership. Powerful in the sense that we have the largest turnout at all the Chapter's functions. We will occupy the largest space on the dance floor, heckle the Executive Committee at the general meeting without fear of reprisals. Ahh, that wonderful feeling of power. Think of it, we can out vote the combined Eastern and Western membership on any issue.

Dynamic in the sense that we have that strong feeling of camaraderie within our membership. To develop and promote this, we have started the following activities.

1) Domino, 2) GOLF, 3) Tennis, 4) Bridge.

We need to hear from our members who are interested in these activities, so please give us a call. As they say on TV during fund drives, "We have rows of operators who are waiting to take your calls."

It is our plan to issue challenges to, and beat up on or whup, the members in the other regions in any of these activities.

If there are any other activities which you think might be of interest to our membership, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In closing, I wish to thank the members of the committee for the tremendous work they have done to keep the St. G.C. Old Boys Association a vibrant one.

The St.G.C. "Thank You Excursion"

Going to St.George's College played a major role in our lives as children. Many of our childhood days became happy and exciting as soon as we entered the main college gates on North Street. It was a place where, on a daily basis, some memorable thing or event took place. As well, the relationships we had with the noble Jesuit priests who taught us left such a mark in our memories, that today, we can still summon them at will. Their roles as educators were simply taken for granted by many of us. Little did we know that, be it the many funny phrases they uttered, or the lessons they taught us daily, these bastions of higher education influenced the very essence of our thinking, our current lifestyles. Yes, they helped us carve out our future.

For some, we will have to say "Many thanks for all you did" in our prayers, as they have long departed this world. But, for those who are still alive, we have an opportunity to thank them, personally. On Friday, October 22,1999, a rented bus will leave Toronto with a delegation of old boys for the Jesuit retirement complex, Campion House, Boston Mass. USA, to do just that, thank them for a job well done.

Those living on the complex are reverend Fathers: James A. Barry ; Eugene C. Brissette; John J. Caskin ; Richard J. Coakley; Edmund K. Cheney ; Paul P. Gilmartine; Donald F. Grady ; Robert J. Higgins; Henry A. Jurewich; William J. Larkin; Robert E. Lindsay ; Raymond E.McCluskey; John J. McGrath ; George W. Nolan ; Richard F. Olsen ; Leo F.Quinlane; William J. Sheehan ; Joseph A Reil ; John J. Sullivan ; E. Corbett Walsh.

Others to be invited are: George A. Duffy; Peter D. Hickey; James I. Hosie; Ignatius F. Pennisi ; John J. Walsh ; Raymond G. Helmick ; Paul A. Nash ; Kenneth J. Hugher; Thomas H. Schnider ; William A. Clark ; Chris G. Llanos ; James M. Hayes ; G. Simon Harrak; Richard A. Deshaies ; John J. Bresnahan ; John B. Kerdiejus ; George P. Winchester; Brother Austin J. Burns; William J. Rafferty ; Alfred 0. Winchman; Richard H. Roos; Lawrence J. O'Toole ; John J. Mullen; Phillip S. Kiley; Richard B. Mc Cafferty; Francis X. Sargent ; John A. Harran Michael I. Doody ; Joseph V. Owens; Lester Orville Shields; Walter J. Kane; Archbishop Lawrence Burke ; Joseph F. Brennan.

Those currently living in Jamaica will be invited as well. Frs. Hosie and Quinlan are busy organizing the Program of Events for the delegation's arrival in Boston.

Many of the priests have already been informed verbally and are looking forward to this auspicious occasion. They will be sent written invitations shortly. This is a one time deal. Don't miss it! There are only 43 seats left on the bus for past students only. Georgians from USA and Ja. must register with The Toronto Chapter.

Call Neil Dalhouse 416-304-1882 or Email him before September 20th. Dalcove @

Mass & Communion Breakfast

by Robbie Vernon

Sunday, March 7/99

Of our annual list of events, this yearly March reunion in Spiritual fellowship is on the must list for many of our Georgians and their families. This year was no exception and there was a good turn out of more than one hundred at St. Thomas the Apostle on this third Sunday of Lent.

Fr. Breen welcomed the Georgians and their families to the Mass. The First Reading from the Book of Exodus (17:3-7) was done by our VP Central, Stanley Chin and Robbie Vernon, our secretary did the Second Reading, which was from the letter of St. Paul to the Romans (5:1-2,5-8).

Both readings tied in with the Gospel story of the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4:5-42) This woman, living a dissolute lifestyle, had found herself alone with a mysterious Jewish man, who was breaking all the rules in talking to her, and who furthermore knew everything about her and spoke so compellingly, exuding such peace as he probed her heart and drew out her spiritual neediness, which in many respects is not unlike our own. So convinced was she that he could supply better than the well water, "living water," she did not try to defend her actions or even ask Jesus to straighten out her love life. Instead she wanted to know how she a sinner could worship God. This had become now most important to her; more important than the promiscuous life with its instant pleasures which she had been living, and here we have really the first evangelist, who went out telling all that had happened to her and the Gospel says "Many Samaritans believed in Jesus because of this woman's testimony."

The call to ministry is not just on the clergy, but on us all as we are expected to live out the Gospel message in our daily lives with co-workers, at home and in all aspects of everyday life. And once we learn to trust in him and not shrink back from his probing and loving gaze, we will as well find ourselves supplied with all we need to be witnesses to the good news, passed down to us and reinforced in the Jesuit approach to our education.

Boys remember? Every action must be "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam or For the Greater Glory of God."

Morally recharged from the Lenten lesson we moved downstairs after Mass to a delightful repast of the traditional ackee and salt fish, which was in abundance as were Ray Chang's fritters (some say flitters). Don Barnett even got his plantains.

Uncle P came up big for us again, and kudos as well to that newest old boy, the recent arrival from Jamaica, Chris Chin, who has really jumped in with much enthusiasm and has already made his mark with this chapter.

Young and old chatted together, exchanged ~d stories, were brought up to date on happenings within the group and talked about the challenges ahead.

A wonderful time was had by all.

The Byron Lee Dinner / Dance

Don Barnett

Friday, July30

I have heard it said that this year's BL&D's dance was the best yet. This writer agrees. The ambiance was as good. The food was better and the music!

The music! What shall I say, it was clearly outstanding. The band seemed to have come of age with the music requirement of the North American crowd and its preferences. Can you imagine dancing non stop for more than two hours to the magical sounds of the greatest band of the Caribbean?

One can't help but be struck by the charisma of the band-singers and their improvisation as they led the audience through the various new tunes and beats. The highlight will always be Byron's appearance and his theme song -"Tiney Winey". This is the third year of Byron Lee's involvement with our fundraising. It has been a roaring success for everyone. I am sure the hotel and Byron must be pleased to be associated with StGC. We have shown that we are successful. We have shown that we can put on a good show. The objective of course is fundraising for STGC.

The work involved is awesome and this task has been coordinated over the years by our ever efficient and effective treasurer, Ray Chang. This year has been a very trying year in endeavoring to meet our objective of achieving a successful dance. Our executive cannot continue to accomplish successful fund-raising without the cooperation of our full membership. As much as this is not an "Old Boys" event, we need your core support to guarantee success whether you attend the fund-raiser or not. Word of mouth is acceptable. It takes a great deal of effort to put on an event of this magnitude. We strive to publish the dates of events in our Newsletter to allow for planning and support. It goes without saying that the executive is working for the benefit of the school and to a lesser extent but importantly for our community here in Canada. (Note our $1000 scholarship award annually). All this comes from this fund-raiser. It follows therefore that your support is directed to the school and our community at large. It is for those reasons that the executive meets every month in order to plan for four events deemed necessary to sustain the spirit of our association. The dance is our only fund-raiser and we depend on your patronage. Once again, we must thank all of you who came out to support our cause. The ladies were as radiant usual which added to the euphoria of good times. The men wore that privileged smile boastful to have these beautiful women by their sides. Our annual dance was once again an enjoyable event and the organizers should be proud of their efforts.

Don Barnett

Over 40 Soccer Tournament

Lloyd Chung

It happened at a St.G.C. executive meeting after voiced frustrations concerning the inability of K.C. Old Boys to field a soccer team for the K.C.- St.G.C. football encounters over the previous two years. Understandably, most. of their team members also played in some organized leagues and therefore their primary commitments were to such teams whenever there was a conflict of playing time. Then a suggestion was put forward - 'Why not have an over 40 soccer game?" This was extended to an over 40 soccer tournament.

A decision was made on four teams. I contacted Derrick Melville of Excelsior, Wayne Gaynor of J.C. and Fabian Pierce of K.C. and was greeted with solid enthusiasm. K.C. still wanted to play the regular K.C.- St.G.C. soccer game and I tried to get a real commitment from the K.C. representative, which was then forthcoming. A date 27th June was set and time 12 noon selected. Parkway Forest Park was booked.

For the next few weeks I huddled with my long time Manager-coach Patrick "Skedron" Smith via phone and personal contacts as we discussed team personnel, strategies and tournament ideas intended to - n the fun aspect of the tournament as our number one priority.

Next, credibility was bestowed on our venture with the donation of a very impressive looking trophy - The Gladstone Chang Over 40 Memorial trophy, donated by Raymond Chang, in memory of his dad, a very distinguished and wonderful man whom I had the pleasure of meeting and conversing with on a few occasions.

Problems were confronted, analyzed, and solutionized. (Remember where you first heard this word). Upon discovery that there were no washroom facilities available at the park, Robbie V. suggested that we needed at least two portables. We got him one. We found out that the playing field would not be marked out, so Neil volunteered to assist me early on game day.

It rained all day Saturday and through most of the night. Sunday morning we started marking out the field with good old white lime, cord and paint brushes. A passerby, out for a stroll with his dog, walks by. Later I hear an exclamation from Neil, who then scooped the poop from midfield. At approximately 11:00, the heavens opened and we were soon drenched, but we soldiered through. Cars pulled up and questioning faces peered out, indistinguishable in the blinding rain. We finished our chore and went to sit in Buskie's minivan. Someone predicted that surely the rain would ease up members of another alternative lifestyle were having a parade in downtown Toronto and surely, thousands would be praying for a stoppage of rain. Close to 12 o'clock the rain eased up and some brave souls left their car and started kicking around a ball. By 12:30 St.G.C. had a full team, but unfortunately the same could not be said of the other teams. A decision was made that St.G.C. would play against the rest of the teams, and finally at 1:00p.m. we had kick off.

The gathering throng was treated to a fantastic display of soccer in time historic proportion. Being mindful of the condition of the playing field, and the condition of the players' minds, the urge was there to partake to the fullest. This was no day for the faint of heart. Deft and skillful plays were made that will be remembered until next year's game. There were the oohs and the aahs as the play moved from end to end. The game finally ended with a score of 2-0 in favour of the All Stars.

Judges had been preselected to watch the players as we had two individual trophies for presentation.

The selections were unanimous. Those present were all in awe at the durability and play making ability of William "Junior" Mchorg, who managed to shine among all the good players about him. Re was awarded the MVP trophy. The other trophy was awarded to a player whose dominance was also quite visible to the magnitude. His perseverance and creativity raised the level of entertainment to the max. and brought full meaning to the phrase "entertaining soccer." Neil Dalhouse was awarded the M.E.P. award.

K.C. unfortunately was unable to field a team for our annual friendly game, so we had a friendly pick-up game among the players present. Amazingly, many of the over 40 players also played in the second game. Bwoy, some people fit yu nuh!!

Once again I wish to extend my gratitude to the players for answering the call of St.G.C. (I'm so proud of you all), to my manager-coach, the Skedron, to our many supporters, to our friendly Alumni Brethren, my fellow executive members and all our well-wishers. See you again next year when we will win the Gladstone Chang Trophy.

Picnic at Centennial Park

by Michael 'Buski' Charley

August 15, 1999

Our August 1999 picnic held at Centennial Park Area 6 was worth waiting for. For the first time we didn't even need to play a football match. It was a joint production by Alpha, Immaculate and St. George's that was really a big hit. Both the Presidents of Immaculate, Lorraine Chung and Alpha, Gaye Donna Young, along with our StGC directors Patrick Garel, Lloyd Chung and Robbie Vernon planned and managed it flawlessly. I think we will see this team around for a long time. Congrats to all of you leaders who dedicated so much of your time to make it such a success.

Let me try and recap it for you. We had a big turnout. All the pictures which you see show how enjoyable it was and Reggae Calypso Mento made us sway the whole time.

There was something there for all of us. We had games for kids and adults. Certainly the kids had lots of fun from the games they played. Pat Garel lead the heel to toe kids relay. Gaye Donna and Lloydie had them all going with the great" Simon Sez Immaculate won the game on 'treading our garments' (needle and thread). There was Robbie again with "In the river'- On the bank". Of course what would we do without the water baloon toss. We have got to keep Warren Abbott away from this game. His team won it again.

The Domino tables were also going full strength. I won't tell you the whole story of what happened when Keith Loundes led off with 4-2 instead of double 6.1 will tell you though that he was under a formidable lady opponent and" She done kill that double 6 big- time".

The ladies controlled the Ma Jong table the whole day. If you think we bad.. well them baddah.

No, I didn't forget it... the food - sliced and unsliced Jerk Pork, Gungoo and Red peas rice and peas, big fried dumplings, pudding, whatever you wanted it was there. If you were not swaying or playing this was where you were.

Yes, our August 1999 picnic held at Centennial Park Area 6 was worth waiting for. I look forward to next year for all of this again, along with all the good 'ol chats and jokes with our friendly Alpha, Immaculate and Georgian friends.

See you there next year.


by Neil Dalhouse

How many of you Georgians get really excited when your boss advises you just got a 2.5% raise? When asked what you do for a living, you lie? Your work station is smaller than your bedroom closet? Is it fun for you when real controversial projects are assigned to someone else? Are you the only one in your department that has been fully conversant with the entire process for years, the manager leaves, and they hire someone outside the firm to fill his position? You see a good- looking person at work and you immediately know it's a visitor? Being sick, is defined as not being able to walk or being in hospital? Or you work 200 hours and only get $80.00 as a bonus cheque? Are your boss's favourite lines "when you get a minute" or "in your spare time," or "when you are freed up," or "I have a great opportunity for you here." Is change the norm in your company? It's dark when you drive to work and when you drive home from work? If you read the entire list and nodded your head to everything said, then it's time for you to step hack and take a at what you are doing. How old are you now anyway, over 50? Then you don't need that nonsense anymore. That kind of pressure, not to mention the personal pressures you carry daily, will kill you.

The best thing happened to me when my great job became defunct from the company's downsizing two years ago. I am currently self employed, making ends meet, and my family and I are much happier too, thank God. "Great minds must be ready not only to take opportunities, but to make them." Easy for me to say you say? I didn't say that, that's a quote from Colton. Let me tell you from experience, life goes on outside that employment security box I was going crazy in. Try stepping out of it one day and see how much better life can be.

Hey! You didn't make it to the Byron Lee dance? Well, it was great, cause 70% of his music was strictly "oldies" from the Glass Bucket era. The sweat gushed off the bodies of his musicians and singers as they played the first set for two hours straight. And the Dragon was visibly moved when he was presented with a thank- you gift from the Old Boys. Thanks again Byron! ---- Someone asked me why doesn't Mexico have a good Olympic team? I believe the answer is that all their good athletes are already in the USA. Here are a few tidbits for you Rhode Scholars out there-- The only known 15 letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is "uncopyrightable"-- 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321 and EMOTOSSALASSOTOME is spelled correctly if you spell it backwards.--- Boy, if we could see "Blatchie" now, I bet he'd be smiling at that one....

So, you missed the George's soccer game too? It was a blast. We played a combined team comprising KC, JC, and Excelsior old, old, old boys. We lost 2-0, but it sure was fun. I made a great move on big Neil George from JC, and in the same play, he got the ball back after making a great move on me. Then someone on the field shouted "Nice move Neil" and we both replied simultaneously "Thanks." During another play, Roy McCatty was in full flight down the right wing on a break a-way when he suddenly took a tumble--- Heck! He fell so hard, the street lights came on from the thud, and the neighborhood dogs began barking! Ever thought what would happen to you if you got scared half to death twice? Did you read my article entitled EXCURSION in this issue? Well, if you aren't with us on this historic trip, then you will have to read about it too. I leave you with this A man was sitting at center ice during game seven of the Stanley Cup last year. Another man approached him, pointed at the empty seat next to him and asked "Is this seat taken?" He replied, "No!"-- "That's incredible," said the newcomer, "Who in their right mind would have a seat for such a big hockey game and not use it?" -- "Actually, the seat also belongs to me but you can take it."said the seated man. "I was supposed to come with my wife, but she passed away. This is the first Stanley Cup final we ever missed seeing together I "Oh, I am sorry to hear that. That's a shame, but couldn't you find someone else to take, a friend or relative, or even a neighbour to this big game?." The man shook his head. "No, they are all at the funeral!" A ggaanneeee!!

Neil Daihouse

Family Dinner

Fr. Ryan recounting the past. ----- Norma Smith (2nd from left) with friends and family.

$1000 presented to JeffDalhouse by Dr.LouisLee. - Anita,George & Francis Lopez & Fouad Khouri.

Tony & Maxine Chin. ----------------------------- The Garel Clan.

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