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The Good & True ...issue# 25...August, 1999

Warren Abbott

The President's Message

Greetings to my fellow Georgians, our families, friends and supporters. Here's hoping that this newsletter will find you and yours in good health and spirits.

There is an old Chinese Proverb that says If there is light in the soul, There will be beauty in the person, if there is beauty in the person, There will be harmony in the house, if there is harmony in the house, There will be order in the nation, If there is order in the nation, There will be peace in the world. Just so that you know, we are counting on YOU, to do your part.

With the departure of Fr. Rick DeShales earlier this year, the running of our alma mater is now being steered by Fr. Deziak and we certainly wish him all the best with the challenges that he will face in this role. As we have been doing from the inception of the Canadian chapter of the Old Boys' association, we will continue to provide our support and assistance for the school wherever and whenever we can, and we look forward to working with Fr. Deziak in this regard.

Fr. Rick Deshajes, 2nd left, the American Ambassador the honourable Stan L. McLelland,
Archbishop Samuel Carter and Archbishop Edgerton Clarke.

As the years go by and the memories dim somewhat, it can at times be a challenge to generate the excitement and the commitment that we need from our fellow Old Boys, in order to keep the association fresh, strong and productive. I think of the heading on the notice of our pending visit to the Jesuit retirement campus in Boston - Going Back to the Future - A visit with those who prepared us for today (that was written by Neil Dathouse, who just coincidentally was one of the founding members of this chapter and its second president). Isn't that what it's all about, trying to give something back to an institution that helped to prepare us for where we are today. Yes, I know that George's didn't do it all on its own, nor did the Jesuits and teachers that guided us, you played a big role in it as well. However,.if you sat back and thought about it (as we only tend to do when we get together and reminisce), I think you will realize just how important the school, Jesuits and teachers were to us. So remember, we need you to actively support and participate in the association. It's the only way that we can continue to provide our assistance to the school that is trying to maintain a long history of helping prepare students today, for their tomorrow. Yes, you can make a difference.

Mother Teresa said - Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house. Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbour - Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting.

Going Back To The Future - A visit with those who prepared us for today. The St.G.C. Old Boys' Association, (Ontario Chapter) is pleased to announce that there will be an excursion to the Jesuit Retirement Campus in Boston, Mass., to visit the priests who taught us, or who were affiliated with our college or witlillaraica over the years. There will be a chartered bus leaving Toronto 10:00 a.m. on Friday, October 22, 1999, returning at 10:00 a.m. Sunday, October 24, 1999. Travel time is approximately 10 hours each way. Please contact Neil Dalhouse at 416-304-1882 for costs, itinerary and all other details. Seating is limited spaces will be sold on a first come basis.

Warren Abbott


with Warren

From the words of Emily Matthews - Rest in the assurance God will never let you go, And follow where His gentle hand may lend, For He's promised to provide for you in facing every challenge, And supply you strength to meet your every need. your prayers, please remember the families and friends who have lost loved ones. We remember...Fr. Paul (Gabby) Hayes who recently passed away; the father of Pr. Jim Hosie who passed away earlier this year; Aunt Elma (Michael "Buski" Charley's aunt) who passed away in April; Mr. Yee, (owned the shop across the street from George's & father of Michael & Arthur Yee Quee) who passed away in May; Robbie Vernon's aunt, Carmen Roberts, in May.

are also with those Old Boys, friends and families who are not well or are recovering from illnesses...Anthony "Chipsi" Yee;

SCHOLARSHIP GRANT - please note that the deadline each year for submitting applications for our annual grant is June 1st. The successful candidate for this years grant was Jeff Daihouse and he was presented with a cheque for $1,000 on June 12, 1999 at our Annual Family Dinner. All children of ~dues paying" Old Boys in the Ontario Chapter, who will be or are currently attending college/university, are eligible. All that you need to do is submit a profile of yourself and include details on the choice of your studies, why you chose that field and where you are or hope to be attending. In addition, the successful candidate will have provided an overview of his/her successes and accomplishments and expressed their own reasoning behind why he or she should be the recipient of this grant. The grant is currently $1,000.00 and the winner will be announced at our Dinner.

CONGRATULATIONS...go out to the parents of Dennis King who celebrated their 60th anniversary in St. Lucia; Simon Jackson, son of Ray & Nolia, who graduated from Guelph University earlier this year; to Peter Rickards who is doing chaplaincy work at Riverdale Hospital and is to be ordained as a Deacon in June 2000; belatedly to grandparents Patrick & Irene Mais; to Michael & Meva Yee Quee who became grandparents to their first grandson in June; to Nicole Charley, daughter of Buski & Beba, who got engaged to Pascal in March; and to their other daughter Nadia, who graduated with a B.Sc. degree and was awarded the Member of The Dean's Honour Roll rank, while achieving 120 credits where the faculty average was 99; to John and Regina Chavannes who became grandparents for the first time with the assistance of their son Vidal and his 'wife.

THANK YOU...much thanks to Joe Henriques for always being so generous in providing flowers for our various functions. Once again he provided some very beautiftil carnations for the settings at our last family dinner. Rumour has it that he does some fantastic work with his floral arrangements and he even had one of our exec members talking about the beautiful work that he witnessed being done on a wedding bouquet. Your kindness is always appreciated Joe.

THANKS ALSO - to those Old Boys who have been sending in their annual membership dues. We have seen some improvement in this area, but we still have a far way to go. Please support your association and send in yours today.

LOOKING FOR YOU IN THE WESTERN PROVINCES - if there are any Old Boys in Edmonton or other western provinces who read this, or if you know of any, Gary Blake is looking for you. Gary is located in Edmonton and is interested in getting in touch with other St.G.C. alumni in that neck of the woods. Gary can be contacted via e-mail at

THEN THERE WAS THE LITTLE BOY who ran to his mother and said, "Daddy took me to the zoo, and one of the animals paid $48.40 across. the board."

Letters to the Editor or articles for Bits & Pieces, can be forwarded to Warren at 1621 Belinda Court, Pickering, Ontario L1V 3T4 or sent by e-mail to abbott@ interlog. com For details on advertising in our newsletter; contact any member of the executive.

Dedication of the Samuel E. Carter Library

Robbie Vernon

It was a bright, sunny and hot Thursday afternoon on November 19 last and I was pleased that I had made it and was able to represent our Ontario chapter at the opening of the new St. George's College school library and pleased too that it was dedicated to an outstanding as well as a living old boy, Most Rev. The Honourable Samuel E Carter, S.J., O.J., C.D., Archbishop Emeritus of Kingston.

Dennis Lawton & Robbie Vernon on the 2nd floor of the library

Yes, the members here in Canada should be proud as our major fund-raising project; the Byron Lee Dinner/Dance made it possible for us to donate J$3OO,OOO for this project. Fr. Deshaies was elated as he showed Heather and me the library and in particular the quality carpeting, which was where the bulk of our funds was directed. It seemed very appropriate for this type of building.

Joan Panton, Archbishop Carter and Heather Vernon

Joan Panton and Fr. Deshaies gave us the grand tour. We were fascinated not only with the library, which is an impressive building, with a spacious and accommodamig two story interior, but also pleasing to the eye was the large Abe Issa auditorium, the laboratories, computer room, and the well kept landscaped surroundings; particularly green and lush after the October rains.

During the walking tour, I cornered a bemused sixth former in his smart uniform and tie, to take his picture. I apologised for my intrusiveness, but he turned out to be quite obliging, and a very intelligent young man as well. What a contrast this was to the blue jean attire of many of their Canadian counterparts. I had to show this to my Canadian friends and when I did I pointed out as well that the standards for the girls were modest school uniforms with mandatory skirt lengths below the knees. This met with some disbelief. Maybe there is something to consider here in Canada on the merits of a uniform attire, and the elimination of competitive dress, which places inordinate peer pressure not only on the less fortunate but as well the more affluent in the community, as they battle to compete. Just a suggestion!

The Cadet Unit Honour Guard did an impressive march pass; then submitted themselves for inspection by the American Ambassador, The Honourable Stan L.McClellan. The Americans are great benefactors of the school as well and contributed significanfly to the library. Also in attendance was Archbishop Edgerton Clarke and of course Archbishop Carter who cut the ribbon for the opening.

It was good to meet and exchange ideas with Van Hitchener, the headmaster, and Charles Williams, President of the Jamaica chapter and as well Ronnie Thwaites, Peter Mais and Dennis Lawton: all from my era - the 50's.

Our "The Good & True" news magazines were prominently displayed in the Archives room at the new library, but as seen from the photographs, books are needed to fill those empty shelves.

Ronnie Thwaites, Charles Williams & P. Chandiram

I must confess to a thump in my heart as the car I was in began to follow a familiar route from St. George's College, driving by the Cathedral where in the 50's I was an altar server for many of the school Masses (I stopped for a photo). Then we passed our friendly North Street rivals K.C and swinging up South Camp Road, what a flood of memories hit as we proceeded by Sabina Park and Alpha, and reminisced on those former chichi bus rides; the Alpha girls, and that time of youth when life offered up so many possibilities and Canada was a far off place, peopled by strange unknown sub Arctic types: never dreaming it would one day be home.

- Robbie Vernon

"I Remember"

by Fulford Chin-Choy

The other day I sent a letter off to Quintus at Weston College to wish him a speedy recovery from his recent operation. I also let him know that I can still remember his words of my school days. "My heart bleeds for you" was a favourite for delinquent work. In the process it unlocked my memory bank of those years. About those teaching icons, their nick names and the other boys in khaki.

About one particular old boy who is still a close buddy. In fact, our wives are the best of friends. After George's we continued higher learning together, studied the same sciences, and listened to the same professors. Anyway, at George's he was a boarder from the canefields of Lionel Town. He was full of energy. "Him did know how to beat up the boarders in ping pong." Loved to smash that wax coated white ball. Well, one day after class a ping pong ginnigog challenged him to a game at Emmett Park pavilion. The ginnigog was nothing less than an all island junior champ. Mon, it was nothing for him to return a shot five feet away from the table. He could english the ball two feet below the table back into play. Well, Maas Willie rose to the challenge. Keep in mind that the ginnigog practiced with the all island champions down at the YMCA. So the match seemed one sided since Maas Willie is not tall at all. It was a match to behold. Maas Willie smashed the day- lights out of those five footer returns. Even the two foot below the table english ones. The ginnigog may be all island junior but that day belonged to Willie.

Needless to say Maas Willie showed me a thing or two about doing homework in Physics. Now it's not so bad doing problems with volts, amperes and ohms. But it is another thing to deal with calories and coulombs mixed with ergs. Maas Willie showed me what to do. First, read the question. Now the next step is the one that really saves time. Look up the answer in the back of the book. Then somehow fill in the missing links.

Now fast forward a few years to our higher learning days. One day I caught Willie reading a thought provoking book: HOW TO CONVERT OTHERS TO CATHOLICISM. At that time we had many friends who practice all the religions of the eastern world. Naturally, I had to ask Willie a serious question: 'You sure you won't be converted instead?' Our rawchaw laughter rocked the dorm. Wonder what religion Willie is practicing these days. Must remember to ask him when we get together again. Maybe on the north coast this winter. In our country where it is not so rahtid cold. Not to mention the wind and snow.


by Neil Dalhouse

Mrs. Peabody had just turned 93 years old when her husband passed away She was so distraught over the death of the man who she had lived with and loved for 65 years, that she decided to take her own hfr and be with him again instantly. She then dug out his old pistol from his things she pilled in a closet, and pointed the barrel at her chest, intending to shoot herself in the heart. Just before she pulled the trigger she thought: "What if I miss the heart, hit my spine and become a vegetable for the rest of my life, and be a burden to those who care for me?" So she put down the gun, called her doctor. and asked him to describe exactly where the heart is located on a woman. "Mrs. Peabody, on a woman, it's located immediately below her left breast," he said. She hung up, pointed the gun, and pulled the trigger only to wake up, finding herself in the hospital. Mrs. P had shot herself in the left knee-cap. "You cannot hold back a good laugh, anymore than you can the tide. Both are forces of nature."


We had a good turn out for our annual famlly dinner, which was a great big welcoming party for our beloved "Bald Pate" , or Rev. Fr. Frank Ryan, to those of you who still have some class left in you. When he taught me, I was probably only 5 ft. 5 ins., a little shrimp to him, I am sure. Heck! He always looked 6ft. 7 ins tall to me. "Goofey" as he was known to those in the forms below me, taught me everything I knew in grammatically dissecting the English language. In a" sincerity, folks, he has no idea how much I have excelled in my line of employment over these many years, as a result of what I learned from him. For this, I sincerely thank you Fr. Ryan. Senator Dwight "Tweetie" Nelson, who used to be in the same form, "not class" (I wouldn't dream of utterlng those words, Senator) as I, was unable to make the trip and was sincerely missed. For those of you who have not had the privilege of hearing the Senator speak, you will just have to wait for another opportanity. And that's My View for sure. The other day I was talking to a young lad who was smoking pot, right in front of a government poster that read, "Say no to Drugs." I kind of gave him a dirtyish look as I was walking by. He suddenly uttered "What? I said no to drugs, -- but they wouldn' listen". If anyone knows the whereabouts of a former Georgian who hailed from Columbia, Garo Paronagian, please let me know where he is. He was in school up to about 1962, and was like a brother to my brother Francis and me. We need to bring him back into the family!

Saay! The St.GC "Buggas Only" soccer match for real senior old boys was held on Sunday June 27th. It was just a bunch of old gasses, kicking the ball around, trying to do their geriatric best in putting it into the opponent's net, but what a goodjob they did. Excelsior, KC, and even some real old JC boys had to band together just to tackle us George's boys, but I will tell you more about that at another time. Boy! I could hear the bones creaking. The good Lord truly loves stupid people. He made so many of them. Check with Fen Chang about our Golf get4ogethers that happens on Fridays. Give him a call. And don't forget about our annual family picnic, I want to see you there, and remember, we are holding it with Alpha and Immaculate.

I was told to keep up the humour in My Views, so here are some announcements taken from church bulletins from around the continent:--- Don't let worry kill you, let the church help Thursday night, potluck supper. Prayer and medication to follow. Remember in prayer, those who are sick of our church and community. This afternoon there will be a meeting in the south and north ends of the church. Children will be baptized at both ends - The service will end with "Little Drops of Water". One the ladies will start quietly, and the rest of the congregation will join in..

I leave you with this thought: "If you think you just saw what you thought you had seen before, say nothing until you see it again." Many are those who did, and can no longer speak about it! Aaaagaaannnneeee!

Neil Daihouse

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