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The Good & True

The Good & True ...issue# 24...January, 1999

Warren Abbott

The President's Message

Season's Greetings to my fellow Georgians, our families, friends and supporters. Here's hoping that you've had a happy and holy Christmas and that the New Year will find you and yours in good health and spirits. Just so that you know, this newsletter never started out as a Christmas/New Year's edition. However, various delays have brought us to this point and I apologize for being tardy in getting our latest issue into your hands.

Our President Warren Abbott, extends his hand to Fr.Rick Deshaies
after presenting him a cheque in the amount of J$300,000 for the alma mater.

The past year has seen us say good-bye to many of our friends and loved ones. Here in Canada, in addition to the good-byes, we have also had to say what we know is only au revoir, to our good friend, Old Boy and past President, John Chavannes. John and his wife Regina moved to Atlanta at the end of the past summer, but there is no truth to the rumour that he did it to avoid being drafted back on to the Old Boy's executive. The time and dedication that you put into the Association will surely be missed John, but we are better off for having had the opportunity to benefit from your assistance and guidance over the years. Take care and all the best till we meet again.

In Jamaica, the School prepares for the departure of current President and Chairman of the Board, Fr. Rick DeShaies, who is being reassigned to Boston. Fr. DeShaies will officially leave office in January 1999 and is being replaced by Fr. Deziak. It is expected that Fr. DeShaies will be available until May 1999 to ensure a smooth transition before he actually leaves Jamaica, so if you are visiting Jamaica, now is the time to drop by to say good-bye. We had the benefit of having Fr. DeShaies speak to us at out last Family Dinner (see Robbie 's article in this issue), and need-less to say, the School has certainly gained from the energy and devotion that he brought to his work. Good luck in your new role Fr. Rick and all the best in the years to come.

Fr. DeShaies recently had the pleasure of overseeing the dedication of the School's new library, The Samuel E. Carter Library, which was officially opened on November 19th after much hard work. The Ontario chapter of the Old Boy's Association, can take pride and pleasure in knowing that through the generosity of its members, we participated in helping to make this a reality.

Nil Mortalibus Ardui Est. - Nothing for us mortals is hard. OK, so maybe that's not exactly true, but hey, it makes one hell of a school cheer. In the coming New Year, let each of us look around and find at least one thing that we can do differently to make our community a better place in which to live. Let us do at least one thing that will help to make our community a better place to raise our children and grandchildren. It might be hard, but it can be done. You CAN make a difference.

Warren Abbott


with Warren

From the words of Emily Matthews - Rest in the assurance God will never let you go, and follow where His gentle hand may lead, for He '5 promised to provide for you in facing every challenge, and supply you strength to meet your every need.

CONDOLENCES. your prayers, please remember the families and friends who have lost loved ones. We remember.. . Donna Chin, wife of Lawrence Chin, who died Nov.'98; Winston Meeks, once president of the Jamaican chapter of the Old Boys Association, who died Dec. ~98; Dixie Adams who died November '98 in Jamaica; Joe Issa who died this year at the age of 91; Jean Wong, class of 1952, passed away Aug. 13/98 in Northridge, California, after a short bout with cancer.

OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS are also with those Old Boys, friends and families who are not well or are recovering from illnesses.. .Fr. Leo Quinlan is now stationed at Campion House in Boston, recovering from his battle with prostate cancer; Fr. John Sullivan is also back in Boston having been diagnosed with Parkinsons; Fr. Larkin was also diagnosed with prostate cancer. We have had Jonathan Rutty in our prayers since he was diagnosed earlier this year with a treatable form of leukemia. Jonathan is son of Donna and Francis Rutty.

SCHOLARSHIP GRANT - please note that the deadline each year for submitting applications for our annual grant is June 1st. The successful candidate for last year's grant was Dimitri Haddad and he was presented with a cheque for $1,000 at our last Annual Family Dinner. Next year's winner will also be announced at our Annual Family Dinner. All children of 'dues paying' Old Boys in the Ontario Chapter, who will be or are currently attending college/university are eligible. All that you need to do is submit a profile of yourself and include details on the choice of your studies, why you chose that field and where you are or hope to be attending. In addition, the successful candidate will have provided an overview of his/her successes and accomplishments and expressed their own reasoning behind why he or she should be the recipient of this grant. The grant is currently $1,000.

CONGRATULATIONS. ..go out to young Old Boy Alty Lawton who turned 90 in September. Alty graduated from St.G.C. in the 1920's. All the best to you.
Congrats to Philip Chang and his new wife Candy. Philip & Candy tied the knot on Aug., 8/98 with the ceremony celebrated by his uncle Deacon Patrick Chang (also an Old Boy). All the very best to you both. Congrats also to Herbert Ho-Ping-Kong and his wife Barbara who became grandparents for the first time in June '98.

THANK YOU.. much thanks to Joe Henriques for always being so generous in providing flowers for our various functions. Those beautiful carnations at our last family dinner were compliments of Joe. Always appreciated.

TILL NEXT YEAR.. Our North Street Rivals were successful in August in taking the Roper Cup trophy at the annual North Street showdown. The two game set was played at Emmett Park with St.G.C. winning the under-35 match 4-2 and K.C. taking the present boys match 4-0. K.C.'s final aggregate score of 6-4, allowed them to claim the Cup.. until next year same time.

LOOKING FOR YOU - Karl Fuller, Michael Gardner, Frank Garel, Garth Garvey, Eddie Gibbs, Martel Gordon-Tennant, Richard Groves, Curtis Harrison, Kelvin Haynes, Peter Ho-Lung, James Hugh, Michael Johnson, Andrew Johnstone, Dennis King, Ivor King, Audley Kong, Arthur Lee, Everton Lewis, Steven Lewis, Pat Lopez, Bill W. N. Lord, Courtney Lue, Michael Lyaw, Terrence Lym, Francis Lyn, Andrew Mak-Leung, John McLeod, Basil McMorris, Charles Palomino, Hugh Palomino, Barry Price, Mike Provost, Dayne Rennie, Errol Rennie, Peter Salter, Mark Savoury, Howard Shearer, Trevor Summers, Paul Sykes. The above names are in our lost and yet to find column, give us a call or drop a line if you have a current address, phone number, or e-mail. Look for more names next issue.

ONCE AGAIN...I want to give special thanks to Greg Chin for maintaining his "Yardie" web page through which Georgians world wide can keep informed and in touch. Check out his latest additions which include our "JamCANcanjam" Souvenir Magazine. JaWeb can be found at and you will not be sorry that you took the time to look.

Ja ACTIVITIES - The Old Boys in Jamaica will be having their Annual General Meeting on Saturday January 16th; their Communion Breakfast on February 21st; and their annual re-union dinner on April 24th. The three classes being honoured will be 1959, 1964 & 1974. If you are going to be in Jamaica for any of those functions, don't hesitate to contact the Ja. Old Boy's president, Charles Williams at 876-922-5283 to make arrangements.

Letters to the Editor or articles for Bits & Pieces, can be forwarded to Warren at 51 Freeport Dr., Scarborough, Ontario Ml C 5G1 or sent by e-mail to abbott@ For details on advertising, contact any member of the executive.

The Event of The Year

Don Barnett

Byron Lee and The Dragonnaires (BL&D)was once again presented to cosmopolitan Toronto by The Ontario chapter of St. George's College Old Boys association held at The Regal Constellation Hotel on July 31, 1998.

This event resulted in our largest and probably the most successful fund-raiser in the chapter's history. It goes without saying that this accommodation has proven to be perfect in size for the 1000+ guests who have now attended for the second year. Once again, it was a gala to remember! Our memory is tested and questioned however in terms of two qualities pertaining to this event... was the food better than last year's and did the Band play more soca this year than last year?

This writer does have a preference for more reggae. The latest request just recently heard and this from a 1959 graduate was his need for more slow tunes, BL&D vintage, which could bring back memories of the 'Rent-a-tile' days.... Nostalgia only I am sure! It is worth noting however that the Association under the committee chairman, Ray Chang, had requested that the Jamaican musical medley should include from the days of 'Ska' to the flavor of the day. Byron had certainly tried to accommodate and some will agree that he did succeed. Byron has definitely tried to be all things to all people but...he certainly kept the people on the dance floor until 2:30 a.m. and everyone enjoyed themselves in spite of 'preference shortage.' For those of you who missed this exciting evening, let me attempt to describe the ambiance of the gathering. People arrived at 7-7:30 all dressed-up. The dress code is recommended to appropriately fit in with the environment.

The magical splendor of the massive banquet and dance hall has an awesome effect. The glitter of the ladies' fashionable attire did transcend and epitomize that classy environment. The height of excitement however is in recognizing friends and relatives unseen in decades.

The hearty laughs and smiling faces are not forgotten as evidenced by the hugs and kisses and obvious friend-ship. This interaction is mesmerizing especially when meeting two or three long lost friends at the same time. How do you embrace everyone at the same time? It's just fantastic! Again, they came from far and near. It would seem that this dance brings out the Jamaican motto ..."Out of many One". I allude to the Jamaican motto because it applies to fellowship. This was not supported by Georgians alone but by individuals who could blend the attractiveness of the fund raising appeal with the fringe benefit of dancing to a great band. It seemed to me that this realization was endorsed by the MC who asked his various guests where they were from. Their appearances and answers certainly confirmed the variety in colour, language and culture uniting everyone in the pursuit of having a GREAT TIME!! Our president pointed to the dancing bartenders who were not to be outdone. City TV was there to help give that boost which is momentum for next year. This partnership between BL&D and St. George's is here to stay so start planning to be in town for the Caribana 1999 celebrations which include our dance.

Our Chapter can be proud once again of putting on a GALA EVENT of excellence. This will enable us to be more generous to our alma mater in Jamaica and our community here in Toronto. "Laus Deo Semper".

Report from the Western Region

Don Barnett

We kicked off our first Regionalized meeting on August 27th which was attended by old boys who responded to the call for help in developing a strategy to generate participation and interest within the territory. The objective is to be consistent with the association's Aims & Objectives i.e. to work for our school in Jamaica and to foster fellowship for the benefit of all past students and their families who reside in Ontario.

This generous group is made up of the following: Don Bamett, Herman Chin, Keith Loundes, Howard Williams, Ray Chang, Tyrone Hollbrooke, Derrick Potopsingh, Larry Yap-Shing, Michael Charley, Dennis King, Robbie Vernon.

The mandate of the group is as follows:
Keep in touch with the members according to the list of names assigned (No more than 9 names).
Update the membership Data Sheet(MDS) with each call.
Use the prompt section of the MDS to inform as well as to receive feed back from members for updating and planning. Feed information from the executive committee's meetings.
Advise extraneous events such as bursary deadlines and competition among the territories.
Act as link between the executive and concerns of the membership.

The fast order of business is to develop a questionnaire which will prompt feed-back reflecting areas of interest to the membership of Territory-West. The results will formulate action programs.

The group will feed back a list of names who are not interested to be included on the mailing list.


by Lloyd Chung
Soccer '98 at our annual picnic did not develop as planned. St.G.C. had a team ready to play; K.C. unfortunately were unable to field a side. The end result was that our annual K.C.- St.G.C. soccer game did not materialize. However, all was not lost.

Winston Cooke and his lovely wife Joan had come all the way from Orlando, Florida, to attend our picnic, and he had hoped to play some soccer. Cookie was not to be disappointed. From the assembled personnel, two teams comprising of regular players, more experienced players including Keith Lowe, a lady- Stephanie Stennett, and a few K.C. players, a very enjoyable and entertaining game took place to the delight of the spectators. Scores are mere trivialities in an atmosphere of sheer enjoyment, so I will not disclose the final outcome.

My thanks, as usual, go out to the St. George's College Old Boys players who were able to attend. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to a by Lloyd Chung new Old Boy recruit Milton Hart, whom I'm sure we'll be seeing quite a bit of in the future.

I have been listening to feedback from members of our association and the soccer team, and I realize that there is conflict with other organized soccer leagues concerning the availability of players for specific dates. This is also a problem for the K.C. Old Boys. I fully understand that the players' primary commitment is to their league teams.

The St. G.C. executive committee along with Patrick 'Skedron' Smith, my very able football manager, will be addressing the situation and seeking a solution to the problem. I will keep the membership informed as we go along.

We are presently thinking about a Golf Day next year for St.G.C. Old Boys and their families. We would like to get response from members as to how much interest lies with such a venture. Please call the executives with your comments and suggestions which are always greatly appreciated.

East Meets West in Golf

by Howie Williams

Being leaders, we are not impartial to traveling to the decadent East, so when the Western division of the STGC Old Boy's Association arranged a friendly game of golf, we bridged the boundaries and played our inaugural celebrity golf game in Pickering It was a day of fanfare for all, frustrating for some, soul searching for others, but most importantly, an opportunity to get together with old friends.

Twelve brave souls congregated on the 1st tee to take on the challenges of this elusive and addictive game. Three groups of four were randomly selected and the gauntlet thrown by anting- up $5/person to donate to the winner and refreshments after the battle. Some six hours later, yes six, a winner emerged, who graciously took the spoils and fed us all the victor being Jimmy LaiTiam.

Jimmy had the edge being an expert in manufacturing golf clubs. As such, he had all sorts of specialized clubs for every strategic situation on the course. Ray Chang and Herbie Phillips tried to get an advantage by using golf carts but it only served to terrorize the other members on the course as driving the cart from one side of the fairway to the other in search of balls, was just as frightening as their drives off the tees. The rest of us (Fen Chang and his son-in-law, Louis Lee, Rudy Chin, Jimmy Lai Tyam, Dennis Chung, Leslie Chin, Tassie Lyn and Joan Lyn) practiced our accounting skills by creatively developing a selective memory when it came to figuring out the number of strokes for each hole. Mr.Chaps would be proud.

Thanks to Ray for organizing the outing and to all who participated. This is just the first of other activities that the West division is planning for the coming year under the leadership of DB.

1998 Souvenir Magazine

by Michael 'Buski' Charley

1998 has been another banner year for the StGC OB Association (Ontario Chapter) in our drive to help and represent our Alma Mater as well as our Georgian Ontario community. In 1997 we presented the first of our annual dances with Byron Lee and the Dragonaires and this year, introduced what we hope will be an equally successful venture, our annual Souvenir Magazine. The success of both have been completely rewarding. The Souvenir Magazine itself is projected to have a printed readership of 6000 and thanks to Greg Chin, a world-wide viewing through his excellent website 'Ja Web'.

The main purpose of this Souvenir Magazine is to generate funds targeted for St. George's College. It is easy therefore to acknowledge the Toronto division of the Jamaica Tourist Board and the many companies (Jamaican and Canadian) that embraced our dream and helped us present 'janiCANcanjam' and share its success with us. We have already been approached by several companies that have guaranteed their support next year. We intend to always blend a Caribbean and Canadian flavour into our magazine. In this issue we promoted St. Georges College, Jamaica and 'Out Of Many One People', Canada and 'Multi Cultrialism'. We introduced Jamaican and Canadian companies to each other and visited the long history that Jamaica and Canada has had with each other and the geographical beauty of our countries.

I am proud to have been a part of this production along with Donald Bamett, Neil Dalhouse, Herb Phillpps and all of our directors who together helped create the list from which the final articles were chosen.

Finally, let me say a big thanks to you our members who have supported us so faithfully and remember that 'JamCANcanjam' will be available for viewing on the Internet through the JaWeb site: (

Annual Family Dinner

by Robbie Vernon

As Saturday June 27th loomed, the executive was busy with p1ans to make this as accessible as possible for members and most important their families particularly the children. We bombed out last year in omitting to have this function and with surplus from our Byron Lee dance the push was to have as many out as possible.

The day came, and with attendance at the 170 level, our slight disappointment with the turnout was assuaged by the very good participation by the younger generation, and their mingling and conversation among themselves as they renewed acquaintances and made new friends made us feel ' This is what it's really about'. An Activity room organized with T.V's, Video games, and supervised by Erica and Matthew Cooke (Francis & Maria's siblings) and Rick Garel (son of Pat & Janice) did excellent work with their charges: freeing up relieved parents to enjoy the sumptuous meal and thought provoking address by Fr. Rick Deshaies.

Fr. Deshaies, as President and Chairman of the Board of St. George's College delivered a very moving address, focusing on the process of human resource management, capital development and financial management at St.George's. He assured the group that the significant contributions made by the Toronto chapter had not gone unnoticed and was very much appreciated.

With its expanded Library, Laboratory and computer facilities, it continues to be one of the leading institutions for learning in the island.

Basil Lue visiting from Ja,
Dr. Derek Hadad & Keith Lowe who recently hit the big "60"

The nineteen member board has first and foremost on their agenda the continuing deliberation on the Christian identity, Jesuit tradition of education and the role of religion in the curriculum, with renewed interest in the role the faculty and support staff play in the faith lives and spiritual growth of students. To help with this task, St. George's has become an associate member of the Jesuit Secondary Education Association, a body of 48 Jesuit schools spread throughout North America and the Caribbean, and the school intends to sponsor faculty who will attend the association's seminars on Jesuit spirituality and various aspects of their educational practices. This helps to ensure the Jesuit influence in the face of declining numbers in religious vocations.

He continues to fund-raise and supervise the Endowment Fund, which now stands at approximately J$20 million, and pitched for help in this area. A highlight of the evening was the presentation of a cheque for C$12,500 (aprox. J$300,000) to Fr. Deshaies, on behalf of our Toronto Chapter for the Alma Mater.

Another highlight for the evening was the Scholarship Award of C$ 1,000. Keith Lowe spoke on behalf of the selection committee, comprising Dr. Louis Lee, Dr. Herbert Ho Ping Kong and himself and acknowledged the importance of this award for the benefit of the children of Canadian Old Boys, which does something for the membership right here in Canada. Past winners Alex Vernon, Aaron Sani, were pursuing academic studies at Universities, aided by our own scholarship.

This year's winner was Dimitri Haddad, an outstanding applicant. Dimitri graduated from McGill, with distinction and will be pursuing medicine at Queens University. We share in the joy of his parents Dr. Derek and Lisbeth Haddad.

Dimitri thanked the association and also his parents for their support and encouragement over the years.

A touching scene was the presentation by president Warren Abbott of roses to the wives of all the executives; in appreciation of their tremendous support over the years. Warren, your thoughtfulness spoke eloquently for all of us.

What a wonderful evening- good food, good friends, reminiscing about our school culture which was being exposed to our children via the main address and by convivial verbal banter. The only thing to top this would be greater attendance, and hopefully this will be the case next year.

Robbie Vernon

"How Easily We Forget"

by Uncle P.(Pat Ferguson)

I came out of the era when STGC. was THE school. A Canadian asked why we called a high school "college". Well I remember an old boy explaining why we got so many consecutive Jamaica Scholarships and various other scholastic awards (by the way, we just had two consecutive Rhodes scholars). As he succinctly put it - most of those priests were PhD's coming to Jamaica from Boston - we were in fact getting a university education.

Still, many forget that outside of the intellectual circle, we produced some of the greatest sportsmen. Hearing that we finally won the Sunlight Cup after 45 years revives the thought - how easily we forget! While some will remember Clovis Metcalfe, Wesley '~Bunny" Taylor and the last St.G.C. great of that era to make the Jamaica Team, our own Roy McCatty. There was also the late Francis Wong Sam - son of the late Johnny Wong Sam and Francis Tulloch - brother of Jamaica and Old Boy's star, Horace Tulloch and our own Karl Tulloch, who represent some of the all schools material we produced in the 50's to 60's era. We also had Francis "Sam Bass" Price and Rupert Francis Cunningham, but this is not an article on Ruperts. Allie Binus who is generally regarded as the best cricketer St. George's produced (and the best wicket keeper the W.I. has seen) came from the 40's and early 50's. Three Binns - Allie, Vinnie and Solla (with Dad Major Binns coaching the Sunlight side). Most of the cricketers were also great footballers. Allan Alberga, Louis Teape, Joe Henry, Dixie Adams Division One players included Cecil Chew, Billie Gentles, Frankie Lewis, Bobby Williams, Byron Lee and of course Allie again. We are best known for swimming and football, but we do claim the first international track and field medal that Jamaica ever won. Joe McKenzie, brother of Arthur McKenzie, football, cricket and horse racing great, was the top national high jumper. Louis Knight was the top sprinter in school and the definitive hurdler - winning the 100 and 220 hurdles to be class D champion. St.G.C. dominated school-boy football from 1930-1960.

Frank Watkins could do it all and so could Digger Largie, who by the way, was in the Hospital in New York. Digger won medals for pole-vaulting at Champs. We also need to remember Tino Barovier who won the class 1 hurdles twice. Louis Black and Teddy Saunders, Mansolyn "Mugg" Graham and Noel (King) Lyn were fantastic all rounders who were among the last group of school-boy boxers. This proves that most of our footballers were also major all rounders. Gary and Kay Nash were formidable footballers, but along with brothers Phillip and Cedric, they joined a formidable group including Tony Rorriguez and the late Honey Chinquee, to create a dynasty unmatched in Swimming which ended when youngest brother Paul Nash had to go to Kingston College. People we should not forget: D. Ashman the class 2 champion in 1943 who broke the 220 record. N.Rennie who won the pole-vault. Actually when one realizes that we have always done extremely well in pole vault (Eric Desnoes/Wilfred Lai), it just goes to show how high above everyone else St. George's was. Remember P. Johnson and J. Fontaine who were in a tie for 2nd place in the high jump in 1946. 0.Dawkins was just coming into his own, blossoming in 1947. L. Wyatt came 3rd in the 100, won the 220 and fell yards from the tape while leading in the 440. P. Groce and H. Moo Young were our best in 1949.

Fr. George Bardowell, would be footballer, was in Toronto in September for his annual retreat. If you wish to hear of the mid-forties greats, check with him at St. Patrick's Presbytry in Bridgetown, Barbados to hear details about Clinton Lewis, Celly Mahwinkie and many others you never heard of or - HOW EASILY WE FORGET!!


by Neil Dalhouse

Henry Ford is celebrated as both a technological genius and a folk hero A creative force in the automotive industry, his innovations changed the economic and social character of his country, and yes, the entire world. He once said, "Coming together is a beginning;, keeping together is progress; working together is success."

Well, the St.G.C. 0/B chapter in Ontario had its beginning 14 years ago; we have progressed by keeping together all these years, and through working together, our annual fund raising dance was a tremendous success.

Over 1000 people attended again for the second time in a row. The event was much better than last year's, and that's not only My View. Through the managerial wizardry of Michael Charley and Ray Chang, this large event went almost flawlessly. I say almost flawlessly, because even they aren't perfect. There is always room for improvement. Hats off to them, their team of organizers and sales staff. Well done, everyone! Top of that list, as always, is Anita Chang, who could sell a Tibetan Monk the sweat off a race horse as holy water, --- if--- we asked her nicely. Thanks again Anita, from all of us.

I may be letting the cat out of the bag, but watch out for that team's performance on the special event being planned for the turn of the century.

Here's one for you! I almost had a psychic girlfriend from Alpha one time, but she left me before we met!!

It certainly was my privilege to whip Fr. DeShaies around Toronto when he came for this year's family dinner. He suffered through a 'now you see it Fada, now you don't' tour of the city. Gosh! We walked Yonge St., visited the Eaton Centre, drove through the EX grounds, and by the CN Tower, then Osgoode Hall, and through China Town in about 2 hours flat. If I only had 10 more minutes I would have shown him Niagara Falls too. He had very little time during his 34 hour stay in Toronto to really appreciate much, except for the work we've been doing as an association. He praised it several times, and thanked us as many times over too. Thanks for coming Fr. DeShaies!

Now; some little tidbits of information I don't think most of you know that a subordinate clause is one of Santa's little helpers, ---or --- that the reason why gorillas have big nostrils is because they have big fingers. Think about that for a minute.

Hey! When you get your copy of our magazine entitled "JAMCAN, canJam", please drop us a line re what you think of it. We'd love to hear from you. Michael Charley (that boy sure has talent, but had absolutely none at all when he was at school) managed that project too. Great job Buski, great job!! That's only My View though, cause I can't talk for the rest of them boys.

Another world cup has come and gone. All of France said the same about Skedron too. France is lucky the association was able to spare the Sked. for the event. Oh yes, I forgot to say that the Queen announced recently that she's invited the Reggae Boyz to the palace for dinner in the fall. A great honor! We're proud of you, Boyz!

I told Pat Fergueson last week that middle age is when you're faced with 2 temptations and you choose the one that will get you home by 9 o'clock. He agreed, although he said his temptations brought him home at 7 p.m.

Want to know whatever happened to a favorite Georgian of yours? Write in and ask. We'll try and track down his current status for you. You guys know that our chapter's annual scholarship fund has been increased to $1000. One lucky daughter or son of a Georgian will receive this amount towards their university education every year. Call any executive for information on how to apply. It's a good deal. Why not check it out.

How many of you didn't mail in their $25 annual membership fee this year. You forgot? Well, I just reminded you now. Please address it to St.GC 0/B Assoc, CIO 504 Karen Park Crescent, Mississauga, Ont.,L5A 3C6. Thank you very much!!

I've said enough for this issue, so I'll leave you with this one thought, "The early bird gets the worm, but the second rat gets the cheese."
A Gaannee!!!

The Event of The Year 1998

Pat (Uncle P) & Norma Ferguson.................Berna & George McIntosh

Anne & Howie Williams...............................Chris & Harriette Crooks

Robbie, Skedron, D. Barnett, Donald Chen (visiting from Germany) & Warren

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