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The Good & True ...issue# 23...June, 1998

Warren Abbott
The President's Message
Greetings to all fellow Georgians and your families. It was with great honour that I recently accepted the invitation to take on the role of President of the Ontario chapter of our alumni association. Over the past six years, I have had the pleasure of working with other members of the managing committee as we have guided the affairs of our association through changing times. In my new role I will have the support of a committed executive, made up of a group of dedicated Georgians who have invested many hours in the past and who will invest many more in the future, in their efforts at fostering an association in which we can he very proud. To the other members of the newly appointed committee, I say thanks. Thanks for stepping up to the plate and making yourselves available to serve the membership and thanks for your ongoing support to me personally. I am looking forward to the opportunities that lay ahead of us, as we continue to focus on the aims and objectives that were originally set out at the inception of the Ontario chapter of the StG.C. Old Boys' Association.

The current executive members have started their new term under the guidance of an updated constitution. Updated by changes which are highlighted elsewhere in this newsletter. Interestingly enough, what I hope will he the biggest benefit of the process that we went through to bring about this "change," is not a change at all. It's actually more like refocusing.

If you were to ask any one of our members why we have an association, the odds are very good that their response would be "In order to raise funds for our alma mater." Great! However, based on our constitution, our first objective is "To foster fellowship amongst all past students of SL George's and their families who reside primarily in Ontario, Canada". I am in no way trying to minimize the importance or the successes of our fund-raising efforts over the years, because these have been and will continue to be, very important. Without getting into a listing of all the various accomplishments that the association has achieved over the years, I can tell you that we have been able to provide approximately CAN$65,000 in contributions of cash or gifts to the school. Also, a few years ago we started an annual award of a $250 grant to assist with university/college funding which was subsequently raised to $500 and effective with the 1998 award, increased to $1,000. So, fund-raising is important. However, what we don't want is for the fund-raising aspect to be all encompassing. The mindset we want to encourage is that it is through our pursuit of activities promoting fellowship that we will also be given the opportunity to raise funds. Funds which will in turn allow us to continue achieving our other aims and objectives. My point is, let us not forget what our association is all about. Fellowship! If we remember that, if we practice that, and if we accomplish that, then we will also be providing the fertile surroundings in which the rest of our goals can be achieved. It is through fellowship that we will grow the association, keep it flesh and keep it strong. Let us refocus.

Earlier this year, we had our annual Family Mass & Brunch at St. Thomas the Apostle, and I am sure those who attended had a good time with lots of appetizing food and conversation. I hope that those of you who didn't have the opportunity to attend will really make an effort next year, but in the meantime, check out the photos plus Lloydie's article talking about what you missed. On June 27, we will be having our annual Family dinner and I would like to personally invite you all to attend this upcoming event with your family. I will be there with my family, including my six-year-old son and eight-year-old daughter and I look forward to seeing you and your family. This year, we are going to have a separate supervised activity area for the enjoyment of the younger family members and we hope that this will also provide a good opportunity for them to mingle and meet each other. Our association is made up of past students of St. George's AND their families and we have tried to encourage this with our agenda of annual activities which includes a Family Mass & Brunch, Family Dinner and a Family Picnic. However, to make these events truly successful, we need the participation of yourself and the family. As John Paul II said "A family is a community of Love and life Let us share in each other's community.

As we start the latest chapter in the history of our association, keep in mind that while your executive is here to serve you, we need your support and participation to be effective. We need and want to improve the two-way communication with the membership. Please take the time to participate, take the time to share your suggestions, your ideas and your stories. As we have said before, together, we can make it better.

Warren Abbott
BITS & PIECES with Warren

CONDOLENCES.. in your prayers, please remember the families and friends of Old Boys who have lost loved ones. We remember Gladstone Chang (Ray Chang' 5 dad) who passed away in April and Fr. William H. Feeney, S.J. who died in his sleep on December 16/97 after dedicating over 35 years of teaching Spanish at St.G.C. We also remember Lillian Chin-Choy, mother of Fulford Chin-Choy; Pearl Wong, mother of David & Tony Wong; and Michele, niece of Ivanhoe Clarke, who recently died in Michigan.

THANKS...thanks to Fr. Leo Quinlan, S.J. who took the time to drop us a line with the news of Fr. Feeney (Putts). He included a newspaper clipping plus a really nice memoriam written by himself, Gloria Ingram and Richard Issa. We found out that Fr. Feeney was a missionary & educator for almost 60 years. He was 95 years old when he died. One of the stories recalled was that of a Sixth Form student, who, not looking too confident during a Spanish exam, started to write feverishly near the end. Fr. Feeney took his paper first to see what the sudden burst of inspiration had brought out, only to discover a feeble attempt at writing "Happy Christmas, Fr. kind." Fr. Feeney gave the paper back right away with the notation "Happy New Year, you flunk."

SCHOLARSHIP GRANT...please note that the deadline each year for submitting applications for our annual grant is June 1st. The successful candidate for this year's grant will be announced at our Annual Family Dinner on June 27th. All children of "dues paying" Old Boys in the Ontario Chapter, who will be or are currently attending college/university are eligible. All that you need to do is submit a profile of yourself and include details on the choice of your studies, why you chose that field and where you are or hope to be attending. In addition, the successful candidate will have provided an overview of his/her successes and accomplishments and expressed their own reasoning behind why he or she should be the recipient of this grant. The grant is currently $1,000.

SPECIAL CONGRATULATIONS. this goes Out to Vidal Chavannes, son of John & Regina, who graduated from York University on June 9/98. Keep up the good work.

CONGRATULATIONS.. .we send our congrats to Charles Williams who recently took over leadership of the Jamaican chapter of the St.G.C. OBA from outgoing President Trevor Graham. We wish Charles and his new team all the best in their endeavours. The Jamaican chapter will be having their annual banquet this July 25th at the Jamaica Pegasus and will be honouring two outstanding Georgians: Justice Ian Forte CD and Anthony Irons OJ. We encourage any old boy who will be in Ja. at that time to make the effort to attend. Tickets can be had through Charles, Alexander Williams, Benito Palomino, Michael Chai or Clive Chambers. Those with e-mail access can make arrangements through Charles at Also, if you are ever in Ja. on the last Thursday of any month, check out their monthly luncheon which is held at Ernmett Park starting at 12:45 p.m.

CONGRATULATIONS. ..huge congrats go out to Saskia Garel (daughter of Roland & Carol Garel), who now has a lead role in the musical "Rent" which is showing at the Royal Alexandra Theatre. Hurry though, they go on tour for five months after July 26th. Saskia had a really good write up in the May 10/98 Sunday Star by Rita Zekas (if you missed it and need a copy, give me a call). All I can say is...WOW!

MORE CONGRATULATIONS.. this time to the ol' school itself and to all involved. I was fortunate to be in Jamaica on December 5/97 when St.G.C. opened their new computer lab which was dedicated to Fr. Denis Cruchley, S.J. For those who may not know, Fr. Cruchley, a past student of the school, was also the very first Jamaican Jesuit promoted to Headmaster of St.G.C. I also gather that he is remembered for his two infamous straps ("yes, di tings used to warm yu backside when yu didn't behave yuself"). They were special because of their nicknames, Red Devil and Black Sin, and the fact that you got the opportunity to choose which one would be used to inflict that day's punishment. Anyhow, I digress. St.G.C's new computer lab is state-of-the-art and will allow them to teach subjects such as Physics, Math, Technical Drawing and Chemistry on computers. This is a major boost for the school and as stated by Fr. Richard DeShaies, "...marks the fulfillment of a dream of the school's administration and sponsors, The Society of Jesus in Jamaica, to furnish the institution with a multi-faceted technical infrastructure to serve in the Computer Studies area, and to provide computer-based assistance to other subjects." There were a lot of people involved in bringing the full package together (including the computer desks and cabinets which were built on the school premises) and they were all thanked and recognized by Fr. DeShaies. I want to say hi to Fredrick Russell who I went to school with at George's and who was very involved in the project as a valued employee of the company that handled the installation. Job well done Fred!

CHEERS.. while I was at the dedication programme for the computer lab, I had the benefit of hearing old boy Pokar Chandiram recall one of the earlier George's cheers and I asked him to write it out so that I could share it with you, so here goes... NIL MORTALIBUS ARDUI EST...S-U-C-C-E-double S...WHO CAN LICK THEM CAN YOU GUESS.. .S-T-G-C....YES!...YES!...YES! Alright, alright, one more time, but I want to hear a little more feeling this time. Thanks Pokar.

KUDOS.. .1 understand that a group of students from the school recently participated in a clean-up day where they painted and cleaned their classrooms. The Science Club also cleaned and attempted to repair the school's fountain which has not been working since 1993.I gather they still haven't got it working but have not given up. I have also been told that one of the students who participated in the cleanup day, Kevin Rodrigues, was recently awarded the Ignation award. An award which I understand is given to the student that is best considered to represent the ideal Georgian on an overall basis. Keep it up Kevin, we are all very proud of you.

LOOKING FOR an effort to keep our membership information current, we intend to ask you our readers to assist us in locating those members for whom we require up-dated information. If you can assist, please drop me a line as to how I can locate these Georgians. Also, if you have an e-mail address and would like to receive St.G.C. OBA related info from time to tune, please send your e-mail address to my attention as noted below. I should mention at this point that we strongly believe in not allowing your information to be used for any other purpose outside of your membership activities and this information is handled in a confidential manner.

Letters to the Editor or articles for Bits & Pieces, can be forwarded to Warren at 1621 Belinda Court, Pickering, Ontario LIV 3T4 or sent by e-mail to: For details on advertising in our newsletter, contact any member of the executive.

Communion Breakfast
by Lloyd Chung

On Sunday, March 1st, St. George 5 College Old Boys and their families celebrated our annual Mass at St Thomas the Apostle Church. There was a fairly reasonable representation of the faithful. The first lesson was read by Shaun Wilson with excellent enunciation and sincerity. The second lesson was read by yours truly. After Mass, we retired to the church basement where we had our family get together and brunch, with Fr. Breen saying a touching grace. The day was blessed in many ways: good weather, good friends, and abundant food to satisfy all. There's something extra special about a fulfilling quencher to a thirsty soul, with the gathering of so many kindred spirits to praise His Holy Name. In continuation with the fine tradition of fostering a close family knit in our adopted country, we must hold on to the values learnt in Jamaica from our families, elders and from the unique and extraordinary teachers at St. George's College. Let us all take the effort to make next years mass an even bigger event.

~ Lloyd Chung

Byron is Back

by Neil Dalhouse

COME BIG UP USELF! Yes, BL&D is back again this year. For those who didn't attend last year's dance, you must have heard it was a whopping success, just a great evening. Over 1000 people attended. It's at the Regal Constellation Hotel, 900 Dixon Road again this year. On Friday, July 31, 1998, the event will be better than last year's, as Byron claims he has started to rehearse oldie tunes already, and promises to have many more oldies available. Tables may be reserved by calling (416) 681-6688. For a limited time, tables of 10 will be CAN$650 (US$475) and individual tickets CAN$70 (US$50) Dress: Semi Formal/Business suits. You don't have to pay when you call to reserve your ticket or table, only when you pick up your tickets. The best tables go to those who book early. More than fifty tables have already been sold. So, pick up the phone and call in your reservations now. "What stay too late, serve nadda man."

I Remember

by Fulford Chin-Choy

One of the teaching icons of my days at George's had a classroom all his own. In fact, he had a building all his own. The building is just a stone's throw north from the Main Building. The building was once the site of Murray Hall where plays, boxing matches, graduations and Latin spelling bee contests were held. Until the night Hurricane Charlie came to town. Afterwards, Murray Hall dwells only in the minds of the old timers. In its place was built a grand building with a lecture ball having students seated in stepped tiers with a clear view of the six black-boards with another three below in reserve. It was dedicated for the teaching of Physics only. The grand building also had a spacious lab with working tables and lots of laboratory equipment. It was one of the finest in the Caribbean. All of this new layout and design was the handiwork of Father McCluskey, George's equivalent of Mike Tyson. In my days there was hardly anyone who dared to utter a discouraging word to Father McCluskey. The only person that I can remember coming close was Ivanhoe C, on a day when he had trouble with his experiment. I can vaguely remember the confrontation. Only that Ivanhoe was a foot or so taller. Luckily both spoke in a low voice. It was a toe to toe chat. In retrospect, it was a draw. No, Ivanhoe was not expelled. In fact, he distinguished himself, later graduating from university in Civil Engineering and, in my opinion, as a prominent member of the island community. Thanks to Father McCluskey, many of us learned more than Physics. A few of us learnt photography. The photo lab in the Physics Building rivaled the best professional establishment. We even put on a photo exhibit at the Institute. This photo lab was the source of many photographs for the Blue and White. Sometimes no photos too. Yes, I was the photographer that went out on assignment, took a whole roll of film, then discovered nothing was in the earn-era. I must add that the reshoot made that Outstanding Georgian look like a movie star. It is such moments that made my days at George's so memorable and great. Siss; boom, bahh.

Andy "Bomber" Williams, World (Cup) Player

by The Skedron

Jamaica -1 (Williams), El Salvador - 0.

Andy Williams, the game MVP was surrounded by admirers pleasantly signing autographs. After mesmerizing not only the whole El Salvador team but also the 35,000 fans inside the national stadium, this 19 year old was amazingly cool, notwithstanding what the adrenaline rush must have been. But then, as the Skedron personally knows, he has had many, many Colts, Pepsi and Manning Cup after matches to prepare for moments like these. Andy 'Bomber' Williams is a star- soon to be a superstar. Standing off to the side were his parents and sister obviously absorbing some of the admiration being directed at the Bomber. His dad receded from the limelight but still had to contend with the numerous vintage fans (including the Sked.), who remembered some memorable moments and stopped to pay homage to one of the truly greats of the past The Hon. Minister of Sports, Ms. Portia Simpson finally escaped from an interview and the Skedron teased her by stating that it took a St George's old boy to get Jamaica back on track for a berth in France. I then introduced her to his dad pointing out to our young minister that the Bomber had not yet arrived at the level his dad had achieved. It was the end of the '80s when the Skedron went to watch the Colts Team at Winchester Park (still one of the best fields in Jamaica). The smallest player on the field seemed to be con-trolling the whole game. The second he touched the ball he grew in stature. This was a man among boys. Re evoked memories of little Muggy (Lascelles Graham) despite having a totally different style. This may seem sacrilegious, but to the Skedron, he is the closest schoolboy in talent to Anthony Hill, generally regarded as the best schoolboy forward of all times by those who have been football fans over the last decades. I naturally inquired who this youngster was and discovered he was the son of the inimitable Bobby Williams one of the major stars of the 40s/5Os era.

Breeding! Bobby was renowned for the always eagerly awaited clashes between him-self and Wally Chevannes (of Melbourne) one of the few players who could make the team over a Georgian. Bobby was named to the Caribbean Stars along with Dudley Smith and Dickey Bayliss to play against Surinam whose team included the giants - Kamperveen, Mynal and Kruin in 1951 in Surinam. This despite playing in the era of Vivian Coy, Owen Parker and Raymond Corinaldi. But I digress, ('can't help it' I love Bobby and admire him as much as I do Marsden, Anthony, Frank, Denzil, Ken, Digger and Aubrey (Stan Matthews). Needless to say we won Colts and Pepsi for a couple of years-and another-plus was the fact that in the system was the largest number of Sons of old boys in recent history.

The next time I saw the Bomber he was 13 going on 14 and playing in the Manning Cup, not just playing - dominating. He knew which pass he was going to make before the ball got to him. Replayed alongside A. Rose (who should also be in the World Cup squad), Ernie Spenser and Edrel Scott on a team which brought us our last great victories. The Skedron saw the Bomber demolish, destroy and demoralize Jamaica College in a Walker Cup final. His passes are geometric and his shots are usually grass cutters, but the brilliant beauty of the Bomber is his control of both ball and body. Andy was also the MVP in the World Cup Qualifier in the 1st match against the U.S.

A few people that I praised suggested that maybe I was touting him because he was a Georgian (but, I also liked the teacher- Lenny Hyde, Chicken Mason, Tony Keyes, Noel Henry, etc. - all non-Georgians). However, most never got a chance to see him because he broke his collarbone just as the English players entered the picture (and you see how many were needed to replace him). Re came back for the Gold Cup and since then a lot of disbelievers have acknowledged that this kid is great. The Skedron attended the KC.. Alumni function in New York where they were honoring Drs. Hugh and Basil (Bagga) Wilson. Bagga told the Skedron that he had no idea how good the Bomber was until he went to watch a playoff game between Rhode Island U and a team which was ranked way above them. Re said Andy Williams walked on to the field and I knew what he was talking about - I saw him do it in Colts, to J.C and to El Salvador. Re mesmerized the opposition and created an upset single-handedly. The Skedron spoke to Andy at a function in Miami before the historic Jamaica / Brazil match and again in New Jersey after the final match before the World Cup and what has delighted the Skedron more than anything is the politeness and pleasant demeanor he presents. Andrew Williams - you have joined the ranks of the greats - as seen through the eyes of the Skedron. Step forward and make Jamaica and StG.C. proud. AMDG.

The Skedron

Historic 14th AGM

by Robbie Vernon

Yes, unlike last year, we had a quorum (min 25) as twenty-eight members were present and this was a start of a very historic AGM--Why? Because all the proposed amendments to the constitution were passed unanimously-- with debate yes! but unanimously, and this from the executive's perspective gave a new look and potential shot in the arm to our fourteen-year organization, realigning our structure to position us better for the new millennium.

The proposed changes came about after much thought and discussion at the Executive retreat in Collingwood in October, where guided by Fr. Hosie, the group cloistered for the weekend, churned over numerous ideas and proposals and came up with what they thought was necessary for onward momentum. Some of these changes required amendments to our Constitution, and these were mailed out to the membership prior to the AGM.

Major changes are the liberalizing of the eligibility requirements for membership to include all past students and their families, and broadening of the potential membership base, to include acceptance outside of the Ontario domicile. Here we would strive to bring into the fold, many of the Georgians particularly in New York State, who no longer have a New York Chapter.

The Board of Directors was enlarged and restructured to focus on a new Membership Directors position and three Regional Vice Presidents supporting him, with a mandate to increase membership and membership involvement in the association's activities: with the Regional VP's assigned direct responsibility for specific areas.

The election that followed brought in two welcome new faces to the executive, partially terminating the year over year musical chairs of rotating positions within the same group of faithful supporters. Francis Cooke, Regional VP (East), lives in Pickering, and brings an abundance of the Georgian school spirit and as well, a wealth of business experience to the Board. Deacon Patrick Chang who resides in Scarborough, and is actively involved in the community: particularly with the fund-raising efforts for Fr. Holung's "Friends of the Poor," was voted in as regional VP (Central). Regretfully however, Patrick's busy schedule from his existing activities has made it extremely difficult for him to take on his new role and he has had to step down. Stanley Chin has since generously stepped forward to take over the VP (Central) role on an interim basis and it is our intention to recommend him for election on to the executive at our next AGM. The other Regional VP (West) is that man of already proven stature in the association, Don Barnett: our first VP and president Elect. And so it's onto the future, with our youthful, energetic new president Warren Abbott, who welcomed the new Board, and set the tone going forward as he outlined his approach and emphasis on proper planning and acceptance of responsibility for tasks assigned and implicit in the man-dates for the various Board positions. "Bwoy the patty dem fly fass at the meeting eh Buskie" By the tune the break was arnounced- Baps- them gone-- right Buskie '~ome people serious, mi son, when it come to patty." Our thanks went out to the former president Bob Wills, who took over the helm in March 1994 and has guided us since then through some difficult tunes, and saw us succeed in our most ambitious and successful venture to date: the Byron Lee Dinner/Dance. Thank you also to Carmelita, and to all the wives of the executive, who have made it possible for us to carry out our mandates to help the school and ourselves and families as well, as we carry on with the philosophy of caring, which is rooted in us from the Jesuit experience as we strive to continue to live our lives in keeping with the school's motto "Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam" or "For the Greater Glory of God."


by Neil Dalhouse

In my view, with a little help from the almighty, our beloved Reggae Boyswill make it into the second round of the biggest international sporting event of the past four years, the World Cup. But that is my view only! It's based on the outcomes of JA's warm up games played recently. They fled most of them and lost a few, and even when they lost, their clocks weren't cleaned. Yes, as I close my eyes, I can see that at a few minutes before 9:00 p.m. on June 14, the ghost of "Reggie," Sabina Park's most outstanding soccer player, (he scored at least two goals at every game played there) will be running onto a well manicured, bright green soccer field. The sold out crowd will rise to its feet as he pretends to dribble down the field, shooting the ball into the net for JA.'s first goal of the game. In my view, the rest of his team mates will score a second time for a 20 win over Croatia. June 21st at 3:30p.m. in Paris, will be the big one against Argentina. Then Friday, June 26th at 3:00 p.m. in Lyon, we take on Japan. Jackie and Dennis, with God's help, please guide them through to the second round for us. Amen!

Huunu by huunu tikit yet fi Byron in July? No? A tant so!! Last year a couple old boys came to me to complain that their tables were too far back in the ballroom, that they wanted to be much closer to the dance floor. The reason for this happening to them is that they waited until 3 weeks before the dance to book their tables. The earlier you secure your table the closer up you will sit. People say they can't book now, because they don't have the money. Nonsense. CALL 416 681-6688 right now and book your table. We will collect your money when you pick up your tickets. You don't have to pay when you reserve your table.

I thought that the annual general meeting went well. The turn out was very poor. Only 28 members showed up. But we had quorum, and several new changes to our 14-year old, tired constitution were made. One of great importance was that, membership will now be extended to family members of old boys, male or female, and as members, they have the right to be voted in as officers of the association. There was quite a bit of hoopla over that one. But after learning that the old boys are getting much older, that it's basically the same group of old boys that have been running the association since its inception, that there are fewer old boys showing up at events, and that the younger generation is not coming forward to join a group that they view as a special breed that they just don't fit in with, the change was accepted by a majority. The facts about the lack, over the past few years, of members stepping forward to sit on the executive, certainly hit a nerve with one of the members present, namely-Francis Cooke, who readily accepted his nomination to the executive. I certainly welcome him as he will bring fresh new ideas to the team. Deacon Patrick Chang was also nominated to the board, but has since had to step aside because of previous commitments, however, I understand that Stanley Chin has graciously come forward to take over this role on an interim basis until officially elected at our next AGM. Welcome Stanley!

Mr. Van Hitchner is now the acting headmaster of St.G.C. while Hector Stevenson is on sabbatical for a year. Ah, Van, we know you will do a good job. Our group up here in Canada, wish you all the best at it. On a sad note, our association's membership extends its sincere condolences to Fr. DeShaies whose mother passed away recently. Also, I was informed that Fr. Feeney, (Putts) passed away in December 1997. May the Good Lord rest his soul. He was a great man.

And we have a new president, Warren Abbott In my view he will be a good one, as Warren is not the wimpy type, but rather, a man of action, one who likes to get things done quickly, and on time. Watch for good things from him. Not to take away any-thing from our past president, Anwar Sadat, (Bob Wills) who, for four years, kept the association on tack. And he wasn't wimpy either, a little different, but not wimpy.

Bless his dear wife Carmelitta also, who put up with a bit more from him over those four years than usual. Thanks paadee, for a job that was, well, done? (smile) A jus jokin!! Yu did good! Yu did good!! A proud a yu!

So, the 3 girls stranded on an island for 10 years found a lamp that washed up on the beach. While rubbing the sand off it, the 3 girls were surprised to see a genie suddenly appear. "You each have one wish from me. Make it quickly." The first girl said "I wish I was back home with my family having a good time." Poof!! She was gone. The second one said "I wish I would be anywhere else but this awful place." Poof!! She was gone too. The third girl then began to cry. The genie asked "Why are you crying, young lady?" "I am crying because I miss my 2 friends terribly and wish they were here with me!" Poof!!!

Hey!! If you thought something was unsafe before you did it, then don't do it until it's safe to do. if you didn't think of safety at all before you did it, then the injury you received from it will cause you to think twice before you did what you did again, won't it?? That's called, learning the hard way. Yes!! Go ahead and read it again to get the gist of it. Till next time. A Gaannee!

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