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The Good & True ...issue# 21...June, 1997

Bobby Wills
The President's Message
1997 seems to be a challenging year for both our school back in Jamaica and our Canadian Alumni chapter. To meet these challenges head on, we are planning our most ambitious fundraising venture to date to help our home school. Before I get into what we are planning, let me just say that we will be asking for your understanding and your undying support more than we have ever asked before.

On behalf of the board of directors, it is with sincere regret that I announce the cancellation of the 1997 St. G.C. Old Boy's Annual Family Dinner.

There are two events that the association considers to be of great importance to us all. First and foremost is the family dinner, as it brings us together and is considered the core element of our strength. Then there is the annual dance, which is really the only true source of revenue for the association and the school.

We have taken on a major challenge by featuring Byron Lee and the Dragonaires at this year's dance. It is expected to be our biggest dance in our 13 year history, and will be of enormous benefit to the association.

Since January, all our energies have been focused on this event. As a result, we are unable to guarantee the success of the family dinner, and with great difficulty, decided to cancel it for this year. Be assured however, that we intend to make the 1998 family dinner as memorable as we expect the 1997 Byron Lee dance will be.

Our Byron Lee Caribana dance will be held on Aug. 1, 1997 at the Constellation Hotel. As mentioned above, this undoubtedly is the largest function we have ever attempted to hold and while the executives of the Toronto chapter are going all out to make it a big success, we are also depending a lot on the support of you Georgians and your friends.

We have set up a phone line 416-681-6688 to call and book your tables now, before the Caribana crowd comes to town. Now as you are aware, the Constellation Hotel does not come cheaply nor does Byron Lee, so we have set our goals of 100 tables of 10 each (1,000 people) for this to be successful. Gentlemen, this is where you come in. I am asking all Georgians to pull out all the stops and give us your support by calling in and booking your tickets now. I would like to advise you that this a first come, first serve method and there will be no ticket sales at the door. So please do not wait too long to book those tickets. At the time this newsletter was published, we were already well over the half-way mark in sales. I myself have sent out letters and flyers to other school associations as well as Emmet Park in Jamaica, inviting anyone who will be in Canada at the time to attend. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ray and his team which includes Herb Phillips and Michael Charley for all of the hard work that they have done thus far in helping us to keep things well organized..

In closing, may I say that I cannot emphasize how important it is for us to get your support and finally, God's richest blessing and we'll see you next issue.

Bob Wills


At the time this Newsletter went to press, less than 20 tables were remaining to be sold for the Byron Lee dinner/dance. Remember, NO tickets will be sold at the door. Call and get your tickets reserved now.

ON PROFILE with Bobby (Sadat) Wills

St. G.C. has produced many outstanding students. One such student is Dr. Derrick Haddad, the man we will be featuring in this month's profile. Doc or Derrick as he is known to his fellow Georgians, attended St. George's in 1951 and graduated in 1957. While at St. George's, he was a member of the Manning team and was also assistant editor of the Blue and White.

After leaving St. G.C. , Derrick decided that he wanted to help people so he chose the medical profession. After being accepted at McGill, Edingburgh, Harvard and Yale, he decided on our own U.W.I in Jamaica. In 1960, he was awarded the gold medal for physiology and in 1965 graduated as a physician. In 1966-68 he took up residency in the United States in Internal Medicine.

In 1968, he returned to Jamaica and opened a lucrative practice in the Red Hills area of Kingston and was also the St.G.C. track team physician. Of all his achievements thus far, none changed his life like the one in late 1972. That's when he met a beautiful lady named Lisbeth Cooke and six months later in 1973 they were married. Derrick continued his practice until 1977 when he decided to move his family to Canada. His family by now consisted of his wife, their 3 sons and himself.

Arriving in Canada, Doc chose not the hustle and bustle of Metropolitan Toronto but went a little west to Kitchener to continue his medical practice. Here we are, 20 years later and the good doctor is like a solid rock and well respected as a medical practitioner in his community of Kitchener and Waterloo.

I understand that Derrick is a lover of horses and even owned a few back home. His dream was to have a horse farm, but gladly gave that dream up for his family which now consists of 6 sons, as three more were born here in Canada.

Today, Dr. Haddad still resides in Kitchener with all but one son Mark, who is a successful businessman in Jamaica. So that leaves Dimitri, Alister, Nathan, Allan, Aaron and the lady who became known as the Doc's wife, Lisbeth.

I myself would like to close by saying that having written this article about such an outstanding Georgian, makes me very proud to have attended the same college as Dr. Derrick Haddad.

~ Bob Wills


Aug. 1st - Byron Lee & the Dragonaires Dinner/Dance, Constellation Hotel
Phone 416-681-6688 to reserve your tickets.

Aug. 10th - Family Picnic & K.C./St.G.C. Soccer, Centenniel Park.

St.G.C. OBA (Ontario) 1997 EXECUTIVE

President ..... Bobby Wills ..... (905) 940-2392
1st Vice President ..... Warren Abbott ..... (905) 831-9814
2nd Vice President ..... Don Barnett ..... (905) 873-1365
Treasurer ..... G. Ray. Chang ..... (905) 824-4308
Secretary ..... Robbie Vernon ..... (905) 622-9408
Liaison Officer ..... Neil Dalhouse ..... (905) 278-5568
Social Director ..... Pat Ferguson ..... (416) 292-7620
Public Relations ..... Michael Charley ..... (905) 275-3071
Past President ..... John Chavannes ..... (905) 509-1265
Sports Director ..... Lloyd Chung ..... (416) 447-0135
Phone Committee Director ..... Pat Garel ..... (905) 475-3430

Warren Abbott
BITS & PIECES with Warren

OUR ANNUAL FAMILY DINNER ... Is only on a temporary hiatus, it will be back with a bang in '98... so look for it. In the meantime, this will mean that you even have more of a reason to bring the family out to our picnic later down in the summer (yeah, yeah yeah...what summer?), so that we can all have a good ol' family time while wi eat up the chicken an' ting.... Maybe we can even get Bobby to spring for some grapenut ice cream....for the kids of course (yeah right!). A looking fi see yu dere yu nuh!

"A family is a community of Love and Life. The children express in a concrete way that Love promised on the altar. A "family" and a "home", these wonderful words evoke a sense of safety and intimacy. These profound meanings must be nourished and protected"
John Paul 11

SCHOLARSHIP GRANT ... Don't forget to remind your sons and daughters to send in those applications for the $500 grant offered by the Canadian Chapter of the George's OBA. All children of "dues paying" Old Boy's in Canada who are or will be attending college/university are eligible to apply. While questions or comments can be directed to any member of the executive, the grant will be awarded at the sole discretion of a three member panel who operates fully independent of the executive and whose decision will be final.

PHOTOGRAPHS ... If anyone out there has any special photographs that they would like to share with us, please send it to the address noted below along with an appropriate caption and we will have it included in our next newsletter. I promise that it will be returned in as good a condition as it was received.

WELCOME BACK ... To Lloyd Chung, who has generously volunteered to be our new Sports Director ... and thanks to Ken Chin for his past involvement on the committee.

GET WELL SOON ... Gary Nash who resides in Jamaica, had to travel to Florida to have double by-pass surgery earlier this year. We understand that the operation was a success and we wish Gary all the best with his recovery.

CONDOLENCES ... To the family of Joyce Lee (mother to Anthony "Chipsi" Yee), who passed away April 26/97.

St.G.C. on-line ... You can read our Newsletter on the Internet by visiting the JaWeb site at ... you will also have the opportunity to visit several other Ja schools and link up with friends from the past.

Letters to the Editor or articles for Bits & Pieces, can be forwarded to Warren at 1621 Belinda Court, Pickering, Ont. L1V 3T4 or by e-mail to

Meet our Deacon -- Patrick Chang
by Robbie Vernon

The ordination as a deacon took place Saturday, June 22, 1996. This spiritual journey however started many years ago in the household of the Chang family. The Chang's of Chang's Emporium, Jamaica's first supermarket in Half- Way- Tree. It was later nurtured in the extended family like atmosphere at Holy Cross Church, with Fr. Dennis Cruchley and the Jesuits. It was here that I first met Patrick, as a member of the altar boy Society and the CYO, both vibrant organizations in the Church.

In interviewing Patrick for this article he drew heavily on those days: the altar boy picnics, cricket matches against Ronnie Thwaites Saint's Peter & Paul team, the unforgettable one nil victory over the supposedly invincible Warrick Lyn's Holy Rosary soccer team. Patrick also captained a victorious table tennis team to the CYO championships.

The second floor of Chang's Emporium, boasted a Hugh enclosed verandah, with a much used table tennis table and we often gathered here for fun and games. The group included his brother Glen, my own twin brother John, and we both shared losses of brothers to whom we were very close. Glen's tragic passing at an early age was a particularly big blow to Patrick, who looked up a lot to his older brother and admits he fed on his enthusiasm for life, and bathed in his circle of friends. The group also included Richard Mais, Ken Keating, the Campbell's, George and Freddy, the latter a part of the St.G.C Manning and track teams.

The next biggest influence was St. George's College itself and in particular Fr's Quinlan and Reil. There is no doubt that his religious vocation drew on those retreats at Campion Hall, The Soladity Group, and the noon day Masses in the Chapel, which he frequented.

Patrick left St. George's in 1961; worked briefly with Geo Bitter & Son, then pursued business studies at C.A.S.T and went on to work at Alcoa Minerals in Clarendon.

Another major event in his life was his marriage to Jean Chuck, an Alpha girl, in 1972 and he followed this with the big move to Canada in 1974. He worked for many years with Royal Insurance. He is a C.G.A., and a Fellow of the Insurance Institute of Canada.

Patrick's replacement for Holy Cross parish in Jamaica is St. Aidan's in Scarborough, where he, his wife Jean and son Andre are very much a part of the religious community. You will see all three at fundraising events for Fr. HoLung and Friends, and Patrick's pastoral work takes him to Grace Hospital as a visiting chaplain. You can of course here his sermons at St. Aidan's Church.

Patrick's closing thoughts were to emphasize the great impact on his life of going to a Catholic School; St.George's College, and the sound religious values learned there, which stood him through well through all the vicissitudes of life.

by Robbie Vernon.

Feb. 23, 1997 STGC Annual Mass and Communion Brunch

by Michael 'Buski' Charley

Our STGC Old Boys annual Mass and Communion brunch at St. Thomas The Apostle was smaller in attendance than it usually is. St. Thomas the Apostle is considered to be the church that STGC Alpha and Immaculate built. It is here that Frank 'Fr. Frankie' Chong's voice booms as the lead singer in it's magnificent choir. Keith Garel Sr. performed as the chief usher. Many of you will remember Keith from the old days of being an usher at Holy Cross Church in Half Way Tree. Both Donald Barnet and I helped in the wrap up of the usher's duties which included presenting to Fr. the collections donated. I was just a 'likkle' boy when Keith was an usher at Holy Cross. Because he appears to be no older now than he was then it reminded me of my 50th birthday party and my mother's dear brother, my godfather Uncle Eddie Lee. Uncle Eddie suffers from having this same youthful look as Keith. It was at this party that he reminded me that he was now 75. I remember his words: 'Mi Boy when you were born I was 2500% older than you were, but look, you are catching me up because as you can see I am only 33% older than you are now'.

We do not seem to ever advertise this annual 'retreat' as perhaps we should. Perhaps it is because we always expect it to succeed. Indeed, although our numbers were smaller than have been in the past this year's meeting I believe just as strong. What without a doubt caused this was the unexpected visit of Fr. HoLung.

Most of us had just finished brunching when Fr. Richard Ho Lung walked in. He did not allow any fanfare to begin, instead helping himself to a bite and just blending in. Later we collected around him and listened to his words. He has not been a SJ for fifteen years , this with the approval of our Pope, but is still a catholic priest and is the founder of the order, the 'Missionaries of the Poor'. He will only accept help from those whom he chooses. Since I know that he will choose well, he will therefore never be able to be bought. The Missionaries of the Poor has extended beyond the boarders of Jamaica and now exists in faraway places like the Philippines India and Haiti. He has a love and belief in and a determination for his order that only a few like Mother Teresa can have. He asked us for only one thing, our help. Thank you for giving some of your valuable time to us on that day. You are a mighty Priest and Georgian Fr. Ho Lung, and many need you and the Brothers. We know that God will guide you well.

It is a pleasure for me to have shared this day with you. See you soon.

An Evening to Treasure

by Herb Phillips

Are you longing for a real old time musical treat, lively company, sumptuous food and a relaxed atmosphere? The St. George's College Old Boy's Association, Toronto Chapter in conjunction with one of the oldest bands in the West Indies Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, invite you and your friends to experience a forty year musical journey which is guaranteed to revive your youthful follies.

Forty years ago, a small enthusiastic group of 5 young men, gathered at Emmet Park to blend their musical instruments and entertain those fortunate to be present. That was just the start of what history has proven to be legendary. Since then, many musicians have enjoyed success with the band and indeed, have indelibly etched fond memories in many hearts. Remember the sounds of Keith Lyn....."Empty Chairs", Carl Brady shouting "ice water", Count Sticky, Buddy "Copper" Davidson, Wallace Wilson on guitar, Altie East on maracas, Blues Busters "Behold", Mr. Mule Train himself Count Prince Miller, Vic Taylor and his rendition of "My Way", Bill Gentles on percussion, Cindy Lewis who has the best rendition of Shirley Bassey, Ken Lazarous and his cool version of "Sugar Sugar", Tony Gregory Mr. TC himself, the soothing saxophone of Sammy Ismay, Granville Williams on the organ......, these are but a few of the great entertainers who have performed with BL&D.

Would you want to miss an evening of such classical musical journeys? Come and let us awake that fire within you. Dance to Ska, Reggae, Mento, Soca, Rhythm and Blues and locksdown with your special partner as Byron slows the tempo. You will be served at your table by the professional staff of the Constellation Hotel on Airport Road. Be assured that you will recognize many familiar faces and Byron himself has guaranteed a night of old familiar renditions, coupled with everything we have come to love. In addition, you will be relaxed and not crowded upon. This is precisely why the organizers selected the venue of a sit down dinner. In a room that normally attracts 2,500 people we are accommodating only 1,000 for your comfort and convenience. Table sales are brisk indeed. To date, we have already passed the half way mark with over 50 tables sold. Come and celebrate 40 years of successfully managing a band with one of our very own from our beloved West Indies.

Don't delay. Kick off Caribana weekend in style by ordering your tickets NOW. The date is August 1st at 7:30pm. The place Constellation Hotel on Airport Road. Tickets are $70 each, or gather 4 other couples and book a table of ten for $650. In fact, why not bring your family and let them experience your good old day of fun and laughter. Our sponsors, Air Jamaica, Super Clubs, Walker's Wood and C.I. Mutual Funds, have graciously donated many door prizes and give always, including a trip for two to Jamaica, a vacation at the all inclusive Super Clubs and lucrative mutual fund investments. Reserve by calling 416 681-6688 without delay. You and your friends will be remembering this event for years to come. Call us now and let us rejuvenate your youthfulness.

"MY VIEWS" by Neil Dalhouse

St.G.C..... What a great school it was. Heck! Still is. I said was, because I was just thinking aloud. It was great for me for a number of reasons, especially for the experiences I had as a result of attending the school. Speaking for my time, almost every boy who attended when I was there was involved in some activity that gave him an experience he never forgot. There was only a handful of boys that I can remember, who weren't involved in anything, no activity at all. And yet, I know they must have come away with some experience, something that, today,-- yes, right now, they can close their eyes and remember quite vividly... I am sure of it.

For me, I had great musical experiences. For example... Back in '61, some of you may remember "The Presidents", a Band comprised of mainly St.G.C. students that played at weddings, birthdays and the odd school function. The group practised out of Bobby DeMecardo's house, and yes, Dennis Zaidie was our lead singer. I played percussion instruments, and can now brag that I played on the same stage with Monty Alexander, who hailed from JC... Alexander the Great, as he is now referred to, is a world renowned jazz pianist (who, incidentally will be in town as part of the Toronto Jazz Festival in June 97). He played with the Presidents one night at a JC. event. I also had the privilege to jam around with the likes of our Trevor Lopez, guitarist (from Kes Chin's group), Phillip Chen, former bassist, (Rod Stewart's group.) While at school, I began playing drums for the Virtues, a local Kingston group, that was the "half time band" for Byron Lee at a couple of gigs at Glass Bucket. On one occasion,. Byron was backing the "Drifters" and he allowed the Virtues back them for a couple of songs. These were memorable thrills for me. Those were just the musical experiences that I had, never mind the other memorable experiences I had at the school itself.

St.G.C. sure produced a lot of talented musicians, and those listed above were just some of them. Talent is what you are blessed with. Skill is how you take care of the gift. ( Hey, I am not for one moment suggesting that I was one of the gifted or talented. Heck! I am not a failure musically. I am just a success that hasn't happened yet.)------- And then there is Byron Lee. How many times has he been around the globe representing Jamaica. What a pleasure it is for me to know the man who has been Ja's ambassador of music for the past 40 years. Yes this will be his 40th. year as head dragon. And to boot, he is a Georgia, a product of the old school. Well, it sure will be good to hear him play for Georges on August 1st. this year. Tickets are going fast. I should mention that there is a rumour going around that closer to the event, ticket prices ($ 65 per person) will be lowered. Rest assured that this will not happen, and as well, TICKETS WILL NOT BE SOLD AT THE DOOR. So book yours now.

My View--- Not everything that goes wrong is all wrong. Heck! Even a clock that stops is right twice per day.---- And how about Dr. Gillie Aarons who parked in a no parking spot the other day and left a note on his windshield that said "Circled the block 20 times. Couldn't find a spot. In a hurry. Forgive us our trespasses." Only to return and find another note, " Been circling the block for 20 years. Had to give ticket or lose job. Lead us not into temptation." Just kidding, it wasn't Gillie. The incident sounded better with him in it.

Safety views-- When mowing your lawn this year, don't mow with sandals on, start mower outside and don't mow wet grass. Clear debris from the yard first, and push the mower, don't pull it toward you. Do not reach into the exit chute when the mower is running. Let the hot engine cool off before re-fuelling. Never work on the mower without removing the spark plug. And, don't operate one if you are on medication or don't feel well. Have a safe, great summer. And-- thanks for listening-- Oh! If you do a favour for someone and expect one in return, then the situation was only a trade, not an act of kindness.-----a gaaanneee.

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