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The Good & True ...issue#19...May 1996

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Bobby Wills
The President's Message
In this the first Newsletter of 1996, I will begin with my thanks to a few people. First I would like to thank those members who took time out from their families and other commitments and made the effort to attend our AGM and Executive Committee elections on March 26th. I would also like to thank the members of the Executive for accepting a second term in office and to welcome our newest member Mr. Pat Garel who takes on the Director duties for our Phone Committee. To those who were "touted" for certain posts on the executive by other members but who found it more suitable to be absent for other commitments, I say we now know where your heart is and may I remind you that this is not personal.
To those who criticize all year but refuse to take any active role towards change by attending meetings to nominate and vote, I say stop for a minute and think, do you really want this thing to work?
Now to get down to the business at hand which is to continue to help our beloved School and to promote family unity for all Old Boys living in Canada. I am extremely happy to say that with the present Executive, we have the ability and with your support, we will have the strength to accomplish our goals. It is in this light that I continue to ask for the members to please send in their annual membership dues of $25. It would be very beneficial in helping the OBA defray the operating costs of our chapter if we could only increase the number of members who remit their dues on a regular basis. We have approximately 450 names on the mailing list that we send at least 3 Newsletters to per year, at a cost of approximately $1700.00 per issue. Of those members, only about 45 or 10% generally pay dues. Without your assistance and contributions, it is very possible that this could be your last Newsletter.
Let us now take a look at our next upcoming event which is our Annual Family Dinner on June 22nd. We will be having the current Headmaster of Georges, Mr. Hector Stephenson and the very well known Dr. Aggrey Irons, as our main speakers. As have been our custom, we would like this to be a family affair and we are not only looking forward to your support, but reminding you that your kids are very welcome. Tickets are on sale now, so get on that phone and call a member of the Executive to get yours.
Finally, it is with great pleasure that I advise you that our Treasurer Mr. Ray Chang, went to Jamaica in early May and is now making arrangements to have five 486 computers delivered to the School. We continue to do our best with the resources that we have, but with your help and support, you can make our goals that much easier to achieve. So, please remember that you are very much a part of the Association and it is with your generous support that we can make this work. May I also say thanks for the vote of confidence in allowing me the opportunity to serve you as President for a second term. I look forward to it!
Until the next issue, God's richest blessings to all of you.


June 22nd - Family Dinner, 6:30p.m. St. Thomas the Apostle Church hall.
June 23rd - K.C vs St.G.C. Soccer Match and picnic with special guest from Jamaica, Dennis Barnett.
August 18th - Family Picnic, Centennial Park, Etobicoke, Picnic area #1.
Sept. 7th - St.G.C. Dance, St. Thomas the Apostle Church hall.

St.G.C. OBA (Ontario) 1996 EXECUTIVE

President ..... Bobby Wills ..... (905) 940-2392
1st Vice President ..... Warren Abbott ..... (905) 831-9814
2nd Vice President ..... Don Barnett ..... (905) 873-1365
Treasurer ..... G. Ray. Chang ..... (905) 824-4308
Secretary ..... Robbie Vernon ..... (905) 622-9408
Liaison Officer ..... Neil Dalhouse ..... (905) 278-5568
Social Director ..... Pat Ferguson ..... (416) 292-7620
Public Relations ..... Michael Charley ..... (905) 275-3071
Past President ..... John Chavannes ..... (905) 509-1265
Sports Director ..... Ken Chin ..... (416) 495-1286
Phone Committee Director ..... Pat Garel ..... (905) 475-3430

GEORGES ON THE INTERNET by Bernie (Bunny) Chin, St.G.C '59

You know it was coming. It was just a matter of time. Now you can read The Good & True as you surf the Internet.
Presently on the JaWeb Home Page are a few back issues of The Good & True, and links to Alumni Associations of High Schools in Jamaica and the Dragon News magazine. JaWeb is also listed on YAHOO! under Regional-Countries-Jamaica-Culture.
So, if you are the last one on your block to enter the information super highway, JaWeb is your excuse to enter. Soh trie de sinting out an mek mi kno.
The address on the World Wide Web is


On February 25th the families of the Old Boys gathered once again to celebrate the sacrament of Holy Eucharist, to share in a sumptuous banquet in the form of brunch, and to exchange warm fellowship. Like all our events, this occasion is very special, particularly because of the time of the year it occurs. Meeting at the end of February, breaks the monotony of the long winter and this year we needed it.
We had a wonderful turnout of over one hundred, and, unlike last year, there was adequate food for all (except for the ackee and salt fish), because Father did not make a general announcement at mass, which usually attracts a sizable portion of the congregation. For those of you who did not attend, let me describe what you missed by way of food. There was BBQ pork, ackee & salt fish, fried fritters, plantains, hard dough bread, frittata, fresh scotch bonnet, tomatoes, patties, cassava pudding, sweet potato pone, cakes, apple turnovers, chocolate cookies, orange juice, coffee and soft drinks. Congratulations to the wives and OB's who so diligently and lovingly prepared this repast.
Mother Nature also contributed by gifting us with a brilliant spring like day. It is ironic that more of us seem to show up when there is a snow storm. Perhaps this has to do with the Jesuit teachings of struggle and sacrifice. On the latter note, our illustrious President, Sadat, who was recuperating from an operation that week, got up out of his sick bed and followed the aroma of the fritters, only to discover they were 'gaa-gaa-ne a'ready'. Nevertheless, we kindly filled him in on how great they tasted.
Hopefully, those who were absent, will take the lead of our president and follow the aroma to an oasis of true fellowship. See you next year!!!

Warren Abbott
BITS & PIECES with Warren

Applications are sought for the next scholarship grant to be presented by the Canadian chapter of the George's OBA. Applications are restricted to the children of "dues paying" Old Boys in Canada who would be starting, or are currently attending college/university.
We encourage you to have your son or daughter apply, giving a profile on themselves including some details on the choice of their studies and why they chose that field, and where they are or hope to be, attending. In addition, the successful applicant will also have expressed their own reasoning behind why he/she should be the recipient of this grant.
The grant is for $500 and will be awarded on the recommendation of a three member panel of Old Boys whose decision will be final. The panel operates fully independent of the executive.

SPECIAL THANKS... to Greg Chin for taking the time to develop and maintain his Internet Home page (see article elsewhere in this issue). In addition to copies of The Good & True, you will also find copies of Newsletters issued by our Jamaican chapter of the OBA. Make sure you record this website address and don't forget to drop Greg an email when you are there. I am sure he will not only be delighted to hear from you, but would also welcome any comments that you may have on his page.
Special thanks also goes out to Leroy Thomas who kindly provided the OBA with a case of ackees for our functions as well as to all of the wives of OB's and the OB's themselves, who contributed to our breakfast as mentioned in Herb's article. To quote an often used song, our wives really are the wind beneath our wings.

SHIRTS, SHIRTS, SHIRTS...Special fund raising edition St. George's College golf shirts are still available for $35.00 each. Contact Ray Chang or any executive member to place your order.

CONDOLENCES...Our prayers go out to OB Joe Henriques and his family who are grieving over the sudden loss of Joe's father who passed away on May 17th.

MEMORIUM... It is also with regret that we advise the membership of the passing of Old Boys Tony Becknor and Richard Wynter. Our sincerest condolences and prayers go out to their families.

CONGRATULATIONS... Join us in sending special congrats to head coach Winston Wilson and manager Maurice Rhoden, who took the 1996 St.G.C. Sunlight Cricket team to victory. It has been a long time in coming. Mr. Wilson, a.k.a Milo, has been the cricket coach for the past ten years and has taken the team to the last five consecutive Sunlight Cup semi-finals. Job well done!

OUT OF TOWN PUBLICATIONS... Make sure to pick up a copy of the latest issue of the Jamaican chapter of OB's newsletter and 1995 yearbook The Lance at our Family dinner on June 22nd. Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Letters to the Editor or articles for Bits & Pieces, can be forwarded to Warren at 1621 Belinda Court, Pickering, Ont. L1V 3T4 or send an e-mail to Advertising space is also available, call (905) 831-9814 or (905) 477-5790.


From other articles in this issue you will observe the grave concern over the depletion of resources available to help the school due to subsidizing of the Newsletter and it is felt by many that membership dues should cover this expenditure, and this has clearly not been the case.
Johnny outlines in this issue, suggested alternatives in the event we are still unable to collect the dues to offset this. My pleas is for us, on receipt of this publication, to summon up the True Georgian Spirit; realize that membership has its privileges, and send in our full $25 in dues.
And what a bunch of knowledge each issue contains; Warren's "Bits & Pieces", with nick-nacks of information on members and their families; Bobby's "Profiles" on selected Georgians who, in their own ways have carried the Georgian Spirit to high levels of achievement in their personal lives and are a source of pride and encouragement to us all; Ray's "Employment Corner"; photos of members at St.G.C. activities and too, the advertisement page which provides an outlet for Georgians to use the services of other Georgians. This latter has not been given the prominence it deserves but, I myself, on numerous occasions, in looking for help in family emergencies with my household appliances, have looked no further than this Newsletter and found the sort of services, and trust in these services, that I could not have obtained elsewhere. What a relief to feel that you are not being "ripped off"! Are there Georgian real estate people, lawyers, auto mechanics out there who should be advertising to create an awareness? I certainly would look firstly to them as I have done in the past, rather than risk the open market place.
There are many benefits to the readers of our Newsletter and, we want to keep them flowing to all. Use it! but, at the same time, realize that membership in an organization has its privileges and your support is warranted, at least to the minimum level, as suggested by Johnny, to keep coverage open and available to all.
Let this not be the last issue!


That is an appalling thought for my family and I. We have enjoyed receiving our copy of the Good and True, and look forward eagerly to the next publication. Hopefully, this also causes you and yours the same concern. The newsletter is an excellent product that just keeps getting better each issue, and it is a source of much pride to our association. No other school alumni association, in Ontario, produces anything that rivals our publication.
As we start out the new year, it is important to look at some facts. Each newsletter production costs our association about $1000. for typesetting, printing and mailing. We continue to publish 3 newsletters per year, due to the generosity of a handful of our members. All attempts at collecting dues have been unsuccessful, as a majority of you still refuse to remit the extremely reasonable amount of $25. per year.
Hence, the few dollars that we are able to fundraise, must be used to subsidize our publications. Since we have only one fundraiser each year, our ability to help our Alma Mater, St.G.C. good and true, is severely handicapped.
For those of you who might have forgotten, one of the five objectives of our association is: "To take an active interest in, and assist where possible in the continued success of St. George's College." For many old boys this is the most important objective. The feeling is that monies acquired through fundraising should be spent on the school, while money raised from dues could be used to fund, and subsidize events here in Ontario.
Therefore, to continue receiving your copy of the newsletter, members will have to choose one of the following options.
1. Pay a membership fee of $25. due in March 1996.
2. Pay a $10. subscription to the Good and True due in March 1996. This will cover the cost of sending you 3 issues this year.
Our association can no longer afford to subsidize its publication.

ON PROFILE with Bobby (Sadat) Wills


This month I will attempt to give you a little bit of info about two great guys who are still very active and in fact are on the present Executive Committee. Although these two guys were a few years ahead of me, I have loved them both from the time I met them and honour our friendship. The guys are none other than Don Barnett and Neil Dalhouse.
Don B. as he is known to me, went to St.G.C. in the 1950's. Don graduated in 1960, but prior to graduating, Don played cricket and soccer for the School. Don came from a very talented family. In fact, sometimes he was known as the brother of Dennis the famous all round athlete. What Don did from 1960 to 1965 is not clear to me but in 1966 he decided to migrate to Canada and continue his studies. Then came Don's best year 1970, best because that's the year he married his beautiful wife Jenny and started a family. While in Canada Don became active in the St.G.C. Old Boys of Canada and today he is the Second VP of the Association. In 1976 Don received a Degree in Finance Management and is presently employed by the CIBA Group of Companies as an Accounting Executive. At the present time Don resides in Mississauga with his lovely wife Jenny and their three Children; Don G, Tara and Jason.
I would like to say to Don it was indeed my pleasure to meet you 10 years ago and to let you know that your friendship will always be cherished by me.

* see "I Remember It Well" (Don Barnett)

Neil like so many other Georgian's is a second generation Blue & White guy because his famous father (007 Dickie) also went to St.G.C. Like Don B., Neil also attended Georges in the late 50's - early 60's. Neil graduated in 1963 but before that, was very interested in cricket and played until a pace bowler hit him somewhere very private. After praying to the bowler, he decided that Soccer would be his game from that time on.
Neil went on to Captain the 2nd Eleven Team for 2 years, but as some Georgians say, he must have taken away one of Auther Mac Girls because he did not make the Manning Team once. In 1965 Neil migrated to Canada and joined the Armed Forces where he stayed for 3 years. Upon his release in 1968, his life changed for the better because that's when he met and married his lovely wife Louise. Now Neil and Louise did not waste anytime because in 1969 their first son Matthew was born. In 1973 Neil tried his hand at Insurance where he worked for All-State for 5 years, and it was during this time that his second son Jeff was born. Then came 1978 when Neil would go into the safety business with the Ontario Compensation Board. Today he is the General manager for Tourism and Hospitality Safety Assoc. Neil was a founding member of The Old Boys Assoc. in Canada and also served as President in the late eighties. Today Neil resides in Mississauga with his beautiful wife Louise and their 2 sons. I myself would like to say that since I met Neil 12 years ago our friendship has been very important to me and I look forward to continuing being friends for many years to come.

* see Profile Index ( Neil Dalhouse)


Anyone currently looking for work or anyone in a position to provide employment, please continue to contact our EMPLOYMENT CORNER coordinator so that we may try to be of some assistance.


Ray Chang
6666 Tenth Line W
Mississauga, Ont. L5N 5L4
H. 904-824-4308


The St.G.C. Old Boys' Association has cancelled its membership with the Alliance of Jamaican Alumni Associations (AJAA).
What is the AJAA you say? This association was formed several years ago by a group of people who represented many alumni associations operating in Ontario. Why? Because it was felt that since there were so many associations cropping up, there should be one mother association created to co-ordinate the many alumni activities, and assist smaller associations experiencing difficulties in remaining in existence.
As well, this association could more effectively, develop a process for all the associations to get badly needed educational materials, sports equipment, etc. to their mother schools in Jamaica.
The AJAA has accomplished quite a lot over the past five years. For example:
It has run several successful soccer events.
It has helped many Jamaican students integrate into the Canadian educational system.
It has made several Jamaican schools embrace computer technology.
It has helped many alumni associations here in Toronto in so many ways.

The St.G.C O/B Assoc. has been a member of the AJAA since its creation. In fact, I was one of the founding members of the organization.
Our association recently learned however, that the AJAA has been involved in community activities as well over the past few years. Although there is nothing wrong with this, there are no provisions within the AJAA's mission statement that calls for this type of activity.
That statement reads as follows: "To provide guidance and financial assistance to students from the Jamaican educational system in integrating them into the Canadian educational system; and to provide support to the Jamaican alumni associations in Toronto."
Our board of directors felt that although being involved in local community activities can be a very positive thing, such activities are not mentioned in our mission statement, and felt it would therefore not be appropriate to be associated with such activities in any way. Hence our decision to cancel our membership.
St.G.C will no longer participate in any AJAA activities, including this year's soccerfest. No. The world won't come to an end because of this decision. Instead, the AJAA will probably continue to improve as a mother association to the others, and St.G.C will continue to operate under its mandate,for the better glory of God.

"MY VIEWS" by Neil Dalhouse

How many of you have had the privilege of climbing that large tree in front of 4th form on a Sunday afternoon, say, at about 3pm... nestled yourself down on one of its branches, leaned back on the trunk of the tree, and just stared across the football field? Man, I did it many times when I was a boarder at St.G.C. There was a certain peace and calm there that rarely have I encountered since those great years as a student, especially if there was a cloud in the sky, and a slight cool breeze blowing in my face. Many a time, I would climb up there with something to read, by myself, and simply enjoy the tranquility.
Why mention this? No real reason. I am sure that from time to time, you yourself occasionally think back to some pleasant time you had when you were at George's. I bet if you stopped reading right now, in less than five seconds, an incident will pop into your head? Gwaan no! Bet mi no!......Yu smaat. Yuna bet, caas yu no yu wodda loose.
Well, that tree saved me from a very serious situation one night after dinner in boarding school. A group of 6th formers decided to go around and "clutch" a few of us 1st year boarders. You remember what "clutching" was, don't you. I was sitting on the front porch with some friends, when suddenly I heard "Let's get Dalhouse". I jumped off the porch and ran like hell. Good thing it was dark. I had a good head start, and made it to the tree before they could get a bead on me. I'd climbed up it like I never did before, and stood quietly on a branch, hugging the tree trunk. Below me, five guys stood silently, scanning the grounds in disgust. To my relief I heard one of them say "Wi wil get im laieta." That tree saved me from a "clutching " that night, a "clutching" that I got a few nights later anyway. Maybe that's why almost all the cars I have ever owned have been automatic, as the word "clutch" makes my toes curl.
Hey, listen! I hope you and your family will be in attendance at our Old Boys family dinner on June 22nd. Why? Because it will be even better than last year's. Guest speakers will be the renowned Agrrey Irons, and the man who is currently running the show at number 2 North Street, none other than Hector Stephenson, the current headmaster. No! They are not the entertainment this year. And you thought the magician was good last year. Wait till you see the entertainment this year. Bring everybody. They'll love it.
So, We aren't going to be represented at soccerfest this year. Are we downhearted? Noooo. Hey! There's always the K.C. annual match. Will it make up for soccerfest? For some, it will. Others, Well.... Lets just say we keep on trying to please as many as we can.
Recently, I have been talking to you about safety, and giving you some safety tips on how to prevent accidents from happening. Here is a little tidbit for you. Every day, 50 young workers are injured on the job in Ontario, all because they have no knowledge about how to be safe, on or off the job. That adds up to 18000 kids injured each year. In '94, 7 kids died on the job in this province.
Well, our new Minister of Labour, Elizebeth Whitmer, has said that enough is enough, and has recently granted funding for, and endorsed a young workers awareness safety program developed by the Industrial Accident Prevention Association. This program will eventually be given to grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 students in every high school in Ontario. The IAPA has already trained 6000 students, and by the end of this year, will train some 15000 students. You just watch workplace injuries to kids drop dramatically by the middle of next year. You're darn right this is one of the best moves this government has made to date. The only good move you say? Well.......
On a sad note, David Wong, husband to Madeline, father to Tony, Paul, Oliver, Carol, and who was a dear friend to my family, passed away from cancer earlier this year. Uncle D, or Pilot, (because of the extensive amount of air travel to Europe and the USA over the last 30 years) was a great mentor to us as children. He kindled the competitive spirit in us, encouraging all the kids in his neighbourhood to accept challenges of endurance from him and each other. He rewarded us for our successes, and our great efforts. This taught us to accept the challenges in life and to equally appreciate a good effort, no matter what the outcome. He was a staunch supporter of St.G.C. and his three sons attended the school. Many of you may recall that Tony played outside right on the 1957 Manning Cup team. My family and I will surely miss him and I am sure you will join us in wishing his family condolences. Uncle D, soar high. We'll miss you. A gaaann. But, yu can stay!


During the year ended March 31, 1996, your association experienced both high and low fiscal results. The annual dance, the only fund raising event, netted $5,870. the most in recent history. On the other hand, the annual dinner, which is more family oriented and designed to break-even, recorded its greatest loss at $1,704. due to lower than expected attendance. At $20. per adult and $10 for children 12 and under. WHY NOT BRING THE WHOLE FAMILY TO THE NEXT FAMILY DINNER ON JUNE 22, 1996? ENJOY THE COMRADESHIP, REMINISCE AND HEAR WHAT'S HAPPENING TO OUR ST. GEORGE'S.
A more pressing matter is our newsletters. For the past two years, our newsletters have cost on an average $2,200. annually, including postage costs which have been paid by a corporate sponsor and are not reflected in our association's accounts. On the other hand, our membership dues have averaged under $800. annually over the past two year. As a result, a portion of funds raised at our dances have been used to subsidize our local activities.


Not everything can be measured in dollars and cents. The many hours put in by the volunteers for our functions and telephone committee is vital. Without these volunteers, your association would vanish into oblivion. In fact these volunteers are the cornerstones of our association; to these members we are greatly indebted.....

MARCH 31, 1996

Annual Family Dinner . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . Receipts $4,310.50
. . Expenses (5,130.67)
. . Guests (884.20) $(1,704.37)
Fund Raising Dance
. . Receipts $7,445.81
. . Raffle. 727.00
. . Expenses (2,302.86) 5,869.95
Interest Income 216.14
Dues & Donations 813.90
Newsletter (1,215.56)
Bursary 500.00
Soccer 145.97
Sundry (304.39)
Balance 3,029.70
CASH - Opening Balance 6,937.03
Closing Balance $ 9,966.73

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